I caught a case of lazy ass.

11 10 2009

Okay, maybe not lazy ass….more like my body decided that I needed a day to lay around and recover from the week.

After I got done training this morning, the plan was to come home get changed, eat my pre-run snack, snag up the hubby and head out.

The weather sucked today.  It wasn’t raining, but it was cloudy and gloomy.

This is what it looked like minus the big yellow thing in the sky.

58* F

This is what it looked like today, minus the big yellow thing in the sky.

It was the kind of day where you just want to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, the kitties, and some good blogs.

I was feeling super, super tired and fatigued this morning and when I got home the challenge of running 17 miles seemed almost impossible due to the way I was feeling.  So, I said “eff-it, I’m going tomorrow”,put on my sweats and decided to take a rest day.  This is what I did.

Recycled picture

Recycled picture

Took a much needed nap after chatting on FB with the cuz for a while and catching up on my blog reading.

When the hubby came home from doing whatever it was that he was out doing, I decided to go to my favorite little health foods store and get us some lunchy.

I wasn’t planning on blogging today so I didn’t take a pic of the food I got.  DOH! (note to self: start taking pics of food anyways so your posts aren’t so lame)

I got a gynormous salad from the organic salad bar as usual.  Nomnomnom!  On my plate I had:

  • Spinach
  • red and yellow peppers
  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • beets (my fav!)
  • roasted tofu
  • peas
  • corn
  • kidney and black beans
  • yummy chicken curry on the side
  • pita chips
Marlene's Salad Bar (this pic does it no justice)

Marlene's Salad Bar (this pic does it no justice)

This salad was freakin delicious!!!  I ate it 4 hours ago and I’m still full!  That says a lot for me since I’m pretty much always hungry.

I got the hubby a ham and turkey sammich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles (on the side), and swiss cheese.  He’s not a huge fan of the health food store and thinks that the food I eat has no taste, but he loved this sammich!  That made me happy.  🙂  Oh, and I got him a slice of carrot cake too.  I may or may not have had a few bites, and it may or may have not been the best carrot cake I have ever had!!

After our nummy lunch I decided to get off my lazy ass up and do some chores around the house.

I am now back to my regularly scheduled lazyness and loving it!  The hubbs and I are about to watch a movie and just enjoy our Saturday night.

I have a meeting at the studio tomorrow morning, and then we’re going to head out so I can do my run and hubby can join me on his bike.  I’m so excited that he’s going with me…good times for us!  Woohoo!

The forecast for tomorrow looks a lot more promising than today, which is why I didn’t mind pushing my run back one more day. (I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)

54* F

54* F

Even though it’s supposed to be colder today than yesterday (due to the lack of cloud cover), the sunshine always gives me an extra boost of energy.  Getting to sleep in tomorrow morning isn’t a bad thing either. 😉

Well, I’m off to watch the movie with the hubs. Wish me luck on my 17 miles tomorrow….that number is really daunting.  Having him there with me will definitely keep me focused though.  I’ll be posting a recap as soon as I can peel myself off of the couch tomorrow night.

Have a great Saturday night!!

Dayna 🙂


A fast week and an awesome prize!

9 10 2009

Hey bloggies!  Happy Friday!!

How’s your week been?  Mine has been pretty good besides a few speed bumps here and there.  Like, stepping on my clients glasses and crushing them on Wednesday morning, and making a few scheduling errors.  No biggie though, I’ve since recovered.  🙂

I’ve had some pretty fantastic runs this week.  Last week I was super fatigued and tired, and  I could really feel it in my runs.  After using the process of elimination to try and figure out why I was feeling so crappy, I looked at my marathon training plan and saw that I was coming off of two really high mileage weeks.  My body was telling me that I needed a break and really needed to slow down and rest.  Thank goodness that my long run was “only” 11 miles last Saturday.

Here’s the training plan that I’m doing, which was color coded and dated by my cousin so that I can stay on track.

I'm already in week 10 of my marathon training!!

I'm already in week 10 of my marathon training!!

After taking last weekend to rest, after running my 11 miles of course, I feel so much better and it really showed in my runs this week!

I set a PR on every run that I did this week and can’t believe how strong I feel and felt afterwards!  It’s such a great feeling to know that all of my hard work is paying off!!  I’ve got this marathon locked down and I’m gonna rock that shit!

Here are my stats for this weeks runs:

Tuesday: 4 miles

Mile 1: 8:26

Mile 2: 8:22

Mile 3: 8:44

Mile 3: 8:17

Total:  33:53

Wednesday: 8 miles (usually on my runs longer than 5 miles I average between a 9:15 and 9:30 pace, my average on this run was 9:08!)

Mile 1: 8:45

Mile 2: 9:05

Mile 3: 9:13

Mile 4: 8:57

Mile 5: 9:08

Mile 6: 8:56

Mile 7: 9:09

Mile 8: 8:58

Total: 1:12:19 (fastest “long” run yet!)

Wednesday: 4 miles (these are usually a pretty slow run for me because I am tired from the higher mileage of the day before, but I rocked this one and beat Tuesday’s time!)

Mile 1:  8:20

Mile 2: 8:23

Mile 3: 8:40

Mile 4: 8:09 (wholy crap!! that was a fast ass mile!)

Total: 33:39!!

I’m having a little bit of a dilemma with yesterday’s run though, and I’m not really sure if I should count it as a PR.  The reason is because I ran a route near my house and got stopped at two really long traffic lights.  Like, I had to wait for almost 5 minutes at one of them.  I feel like that was a pretty good amount of time to recover and regain my energy and maybe that’s why I was able to beat my previous time even though I was pretty tired.

So, what do you guys think?  Should it count even though I had two small breaks due to being stuck in traffic?   What do you do in these situations?

Today, I’m not running obviously since it’s a rest day.  My rest days are active though, and after I’m done with this afternoon’s clients I’m going to go to the gym for a good and intense CrossFit workout so that I can get my strength training in.

So, I mention in my title…I got an awesome prize this week!

The owner of the studio where I work has such a big heart, and treats me so well!  There are only 3 trainers there (including me), so Kristi and I spend a lot of time there working together with our clients.  She sees me like the daughter that she never had, so she is always surprising me with little gifts and treats or prizes as she calls them.  She is always wearing such cute work out clothes and has matching shoes and jewelery for every outfit, I try to do the same because there is no reason that you can’t look cute even if you’re in workout clothes all day long.

She has a client that makes jewelery, and since I wear a lot of pink and black she surprised me with these!





How freakin cute are these earrings!

She also knows that I’m training for my marathon, and how passionate I am about running.  She’s not a runner, but fully supports my efforts and is always bragging about my to her clients and asking me for advice to give her girls that run.

She was shopping the other day and happened to stumble upon this awesome Adidas running jacket and bought it for me!  Running jackets (and clothes for that matter) are NOT cheap, and when I saw this I was literally jumping up and down with excitement.  I can wear it for work and for my runs when it gets a little colder this fall and winter.

Love it!

Love it!

So Comfy!

So Comfy!

The coolest thing about this jacket…and the main reason that Kristi bought it for me, is this label on the upper left hand corner…

Boston Marathon!

Boston Marathon!

Kristi got this for me because she knows how dedicated I am to my running and knows that someday I hope to run in the Boston Marathon! How awesome is that!?

Not only is this jacket super cute, but it has a mesh lining on the inside, and pockets on the sides and the back so that I can carry my key, gu, etc.  The Adidas stripes are also bright yellow and reflective so I will be more visable to cars when running (another reason that Kristi got me this jacket).  I can’t wait to wear it on a run…it just hasn’t been cold enough yet so I’ve been wearing it to work.  AWESOME!!

Well, I’m going to go get ready to train my afternoon clients and then hit the gym for my workout.

I have my first 17 mile run tomorrow and the hubby is going to go with me and ride his bike so that I don’t get too bored and have a good supply of fuel and water.

Look for a recap of my run and our adventure, as it should be up some time this weekend.

Have an awesome weekend ladies!!!

Dayna 🙂

I’m training for my first marathon!

24 09 2009

Happy Thursday bloggies!  As I mentioned in my last post, pretty much right after I completed my half marathon, I signed up to race my first full marathon!  I’ll be running the 1st Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon on December 6th!!  Am I crazy?  Probably.  Am I scared shitless at the thought of running 26.2 miles in one day?  YES!  Am I totally excited for this challenge and the sense of accomplishment that it will bring me when I cross the finish line?  Of course!!  The best part of this for me….and the main reason that I signed up for this marathon in particular is the fact that my cousin lives in Vegas and will be running it with me!  This will be his 4th marathon, but we both started running around the same time…..about 2 years ago (yeah, I’ve only been running for a little over a year and a half and am going to be running a marathon!) and have really bonded over our interest in running.

My hubby and I even drove 4 hours over to Eastern Washington to meet him in July so that we could run my last long run before my half marathon together!  It was awesome…..and really freakin hot!

10 mile run in Goldendale, WA

10 mile run in Goldendale, WA

(I didn’t realize that we are so tiny in that pic…sorry)

So, I’m not working with Coach D anymore because he decided to leave me hangin after I finished my half marathon is super busy with other aspects of his life, which I totally understand.  I learned a lot from his coaching and can take those tools and use them in my marathon training.  So, in my search for a good marathon training plan, I asked my cousin for some advice.  He highly advised that I do one of Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans, as he has used his for all three of his past marathons and been pretty successful.  Dan (my cousin), suggested that I do the Novice 2 Training schedule, and he even color coded the months for me and put dates on all of the days so I would know exactly what run to do on what dates.  Thanks Dan!!! 🙂  I tried to do a screen shot of my training plan so that you could see it, but I’m challenged and can’t figure it out, bummer (I was so excited to show it to you guys).  Click here to look at my training plan, I am currently on week 8.

So, I am running 4 days a week, trying to get in cross training on Sunday’s, which means some bike riding….

Gearing up for my Sunday bike ride

Gearing up for my Sunday bike ride


...and it ended up being a lot of fun!

...even though this happened to my hubby the previous week, and he couldn't join me.

...even though this happened to my hubby the previous week, and he couldn't join me.

I am also trying to get in a CrossFit workout at least 3 days a week, so that I can keep up with my strength training.  On top of that I am also training “full-time” at the studio, which means that I train 2-3 clients in the morning M-Sat and then 2-4 clients in the evenings M-F which gives me the mornings and afternoons to train for my marathon and do my strength training.  I am also trying to fit in yoga at least once a week, which has been great!

The most challenging part about my training for me so far has been my long runs.  My speed is increasing and my endurance is getting better, but I am really struggling with the mental aspect of long distance running.  At the same time, I am learning a lot about pre-long run fuel, making time for water stops (meaning parking the car 1/2 way through the route so I can refill the water bottle), and what to take with me during the run.  I have type-2 diabetes, so the whole carb-loading thing the night before makes no difference for me at all, and I have to make sure that I have at least 2 GU packets with me just in case my blood sugar drops.  I have also learned that it is a MUST to make sure that I drink at least 100 ounces of H2O the day before the long run, and get in lots of proteins, complex carbs, and veggies so that my body is happy when I wake up the next morning.

So, last Saturday I did my first 14 mile run, and despite being really nervous about it….it felt so great!!  Dave ran the first 7.6 miles with me, and I did the rest on my own.  Last Saturday was Dave’s last full day here before heading up to Bellingham to go to school, so I was happy that he took time out of his day to run with me.  We picked out a new route and had a great time!  The sun was out and it was about 70* with a light breeze…that didn’t suck at all!  🙂

Dave waiting for me to get my shit together so we could go.

Dave waiting for me to get my shit together so we could go.

After seeing how wonderfully awesome my Garmin is, and how helpful it is with training…Dave decided to order one of his own!  Woohoo.  We couldn’t help it, we had to get a pic of the Garmin’s!

Mine is the green one, his is black.

Mine is the green one, his is black.

So, after running the first loop (which was 6.40 miles), we stopped back at our cars so that Dave could take off and get ready to head out-of-town.  I refilled my water bottle, ate a Clif Shot, and said my goodbyes to my friend.

So sad to say goodbye to my Saturday morning running partner.

So sad to say goodbye to my Saturday morning running partner.

After Dave left, I set off to run the rest of my 14 miles.  I felt so strong!!!  I maintained a 9:15 pace when I was running on my own…I think because I had my music on and was lost in my thoughts.  Everything was great up until the last mile when I hit the wall.  My legs were donezo, and I was so ready to be done.  Needless to say, I finished strong and was so happy that I hit a new running milestone!!  I finished my 14.0 miles in 2:11:11 with an average per mile pace of 9:21.  That’s right where I wanted to be too, which made me happy.  I aim to be between 9:15 and 9:30 on my long runs.  🙂

All done!!!

All done!!!

When I got home, I took a much needed shower (I smelt like ass!!), and then ate an Amy’s Organic Beans and Veggie burrito (sorry, no pic) with a bunch of salsa on top, and laid down for a nap.  I was pooped!!!

This is what you look like after your first 14 mile run!

This is what you look like after your first 14 mile run!

I laid around for the rest of the day and just relaxed…and drank tons of water!

Well, if you haven’t fallen asleep by now, that means you made it to the end of my post.  Thanks for reading!  🙂

I’m scheduled for my first 15 mile run this Saturday and hopefully it’ll be interesting enough to do a recap for you guys.  Hubby and I are also going to a bbq at our neighbors house so I’m sure I’ll have lots of good eats and pics to share with you guys.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Dayna 🙂

The Long Run That Wasn’t

19 06 2009

Do you guys ever have one of those days where you wake up in the morning with a goal in mind, and the end it just doesn’t work out as you had planned?  Yeah, that was how my run turned out this morning.

For those of you who haven’t been reading lately, I am currently in the middle of my half marathon training and have been working with a running coach.  Coach D has me running 5-6 days a week.  I do three 30 minute “easy” runs, one track workout with him which consists of some kind of interval workout in which I think he is trying to kill me, and one long run.  Well, today was supposed to be  my long run and he told me to go out and run for an hour.  Right now I am focusing on time and not mileage, which is actually kind of nice.  But, now that I have my new Garmin, I find myself paying a lot of attention to my mileage anyways.

So, onto today’s run and the reason for this post.  So, I woke up this morning and felt suprisingly refreshed.  I am usually pretty groggy in the morning and on most days feel fatigue all day long…that is another story all together.  I’m thinking about seeing a doc and getting some blood tests to see if I am anemic.  I decided that because of my work schedule this weekend I would do my long run today.  So, I did my usual morning stuff, and for breakfast decided to eat a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with 1/2 of a banana, 4 sliced up strawberries, and 1/2 c of soy milk and had a cup of coffee.  I think that bowl of cereal might have been the demise of my run this morning as I usually don’t have that in the morning before I run.

I decided to head out about an hour later, but knew that I needed some more fuel so I had a tbsp of almond butter.  Usually I have it with half of a banana but since I had eaten breakfast an hour before hand I thought that the AB by itself would be enough.

I left and hit the pavement and started to notice that about a half of a mile into my run I was feeling a little dizzy and it kind of felt like the ground was moving below me instead of me moving above the ground.  Sometimes that happens to me and I figured it would pass.  I was running slow though…and felt so fatigued!  When I got to one of my turn around points at 1.34 miles I stopped to take off my running jacket and cross the street.  I got adjusted and set off to continue my run, and I just couldn’t do it!  I was so tired and my legs felt so heavy and I was really dizzy.  My blood sugar just plumited!!  I have insulin resistance and have to be really careful about my blood sugar levels but considering what I had eaten, I really didn’t think that there would be any problems.  At this point I decided to ditch the long run and just try to make it back home.  Seriously guys, I COULD NOT RUN. I honestly didn’t even know if I had the energy to make it back to my house, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I almost stopped at a pay phone to call my hubby and have him come pick me up, but I knew if I just walked it out I could make it back home.  HOW FREAKEN’ EMBARASSING!!

When I got home I was STARVING and felt like I could eat the whole kitchen!  I decided to have an orange and a huge bottle of water so that I could at least get my blood sugar back up to a normal level instead of just eating whatever was in front of me.  I am really glad that I did that, that way I didn’t feel sick from overeating ya know?



By the time I remembered to take the pic of the orange I had almost completely devoured it!

About 30 minutes later I felt a little bit better but was starving so I made this.



1/2 of an Ezekiel Sprouted Wheat tortilla, 1/2 of a can of tuna with some light mayo and mustard, 1 sliced up carrot, and some cucumber.  (sorry for the fuzzy picture) It was delicious and really hit the spot!!  I know that I will be making these a lot more often! Have you guys ever tried the Ezekiel tortillas before? The nutrition stats are really good, and I was pleasently supprised by how good they are!

I think I’m starting to feel a little bit better now.

I also made a cup Blueberry Green Tea in my Christmas mug.  YUM!


Well, even though today’s run was pretty crappy and I’m a little dissapointed that I didn’t get my long run in, I’m not going to let it ruin my day.  Before my injury I would have been super pissed off and would have been mad all day about it, but I need to honor my body and give it what it needs.  If I can’t run, I can’t run, and if my body needs rest, so be it.  I just need to refuel and try again tomorrow right!?

So, I have question for you guys….has this ever happened to you?  What did you do to help yourself feel better about it, and were you able to get right back on track?  How do you fuel before a long run?

Well, I’ve got to get ready for work!

Have a great Friday guys!

Dayna   🙂

It’s a Graduation, 12K, BBQ, and Hike in the Mountains Recap!

17 06 2009

Wow, it seems like forever since I have updated my blog!  I have so much to share with you guys and have been so busy.  Finally things have slowed down a bit and now I am trying to find things to do with my time (mainly find clients so I can work more…this economy is killing me!).  Go figure huh!?

Well, I have officially graduated with my Associates in Arts and Sciences! It’s bitter sweet though, because I know that I am only 1/3 of the way there.  But, I really worked my butt off to get to this point, and I am proud of myself.  Some of my family came up here to celebrate with me and watch me walk.

Me, with my dad and my beautiful aunt

Me, with my dad and my beautiful aunt

Me and Tori

Me and Tori

My dear friend Tori came too.  She graduates next year, and I can’t wait to celebrate with her!

We all went out to dinner before the commencement ceremony at this yummy restaurant in downtown Tacoma called The Harmon.  It’s one of my and Tim’s favorite places to eat!  Unfortunately, I was caught up in the moment and forgot to take a pic of my graduation dinner.  (bad food blogger!)  But, I had a spinach salad with grilled chicken, feta, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, artichoke harts, and raspberry vinaigrette on the side..YUMMY!

Besides catching up with my aunt and her hubby who came up from California (she used to be a marathon runner, so we had A LOT to chat about), and visiting with my daddy who drove up from Oregon, this was the absolute best part of my evening!!

Garmin 405

Garmin 405

My Aunt and my cousins that live down in CA put their $ together and got me a GARMIN FORERUNNER 405 for my graduation present!!!  I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I OPENED IT THAT I ALMOST CRIED!!!  I thought I had some pics of my opening it at dinner, but I guess I don’t.  I have wanted one of these for about 2 years, and this is pretty much the best gift that I have ever received!

After dinner we headed to commencement, which was long and a little boreing, and the lady pronounced my name wrong!  I kind of expected it though….it always happens.

Here are some post commencement pictures….  🙂

Me, my Aunt and her Hubby

Me, my Aunt and her Hubby

Aren’t they so cute!!!

Me and my Dad

Me and my Dad


The next day I went out to breakfast with my family before they hit the road, and then headed to work for the day.  I took my dad with me to TJ’s before my shift so that he could pick up some staples before he headed back home to the Oregon Coast.  Man, after having my family here and all of the fun of commencement, it was so hard to go to work.  It was even harder to say goodbye to my papa.  I got off work at 9 and hightailed it outta there so I could go home and play with my Garmin, and get ready for the Sound To Narrows 12K the next morning!  Man, I couldn’t have gotten my Garmin at a better time, and I was so excited to use it!

I was so nervous the morning of the race, I always am.  I ran this last year but wasn’t sure how I would do since this was my longest distance since coming back from my knee injury.  I rocked it though, and had the best time!  Some of my friends from school decided to run it with me.  We all split up during the race, and ended up finishing within 5 minutes of eachother!

Chris, Dave, Me, and Catie (post race)

Chris, Dave, Me, and Catie (post race)

We named ourselves TEAM AWESOME! Haha, yeah, that was my idea!  The race went really well for me.  I had very minimal pain in my knees and kept a good pace.  Although, I started out too fast as I always do and it slowed me down during the middle of the race.  My coach wasn’t too happy about my splits and I have to make sure that I start out slower next time so that I can run a faster mile.  This course was super hilly though and I really powered it up those hills….I surprised myself.  This training with Coach D has really paid off, and he told me yesterday that if I had been training with him for 6 months instead of 2 months prior to this race I would have cut my finish time in half!



Here are the stats….  7.57 mi finished in 1:11 at an average 9:29 pace. Not too shabby aye?

Here are some more randoms from race day…..

Being silly

Being silly

Me, after crossing the finish line

Me, after crossing the finish line


Putting on my bib



After the race we rushed home because we had a BBQ to get ready for!  We had our first big BBQ that night to celebrate my graduation, and I had a lot to do to get ready for it.  I was expecting that I would be a big pile of tired Dayna on the couch for most of the afternoon like I was last year after my race, but when I got home I had all kinds of energy!  I felt so great!  So, I headed to the store to pick up the party favors.

Hubby and I provided the meat (hotdogs and hamburgers), and all the fixins to go on the burgers and hotdogs as well as the plates, napkins, etc.  Our guests all brought a dish from home…which made this bbq so awesome!  It was a potluck theme!  So, I’m pretty bumbed out cause I took pics of all the food and great beer that everyone brought and my camera ate the pictures!!  Grrrrrrr.  What good is a food blog without pictures of the food!?

Oh well, we had an awesome time though…and about 15 of our friends showed up!

My beautiful nieces

My beautiful nieces

My sister and brother in law and our three nieces drove 2 hours to come spend the day with us!  This is me with my oldest niece Emma (7) and my middle niece Grace (4), they are my little peaches!  So adorable!!!

My friends from work

My friends from work

Me with my friends Casey and Alyssa from work!

Me and Claire

Me and Claire

Me and my dear friend Claire, who’s living it up in Mexico right now on a study abroad program.  She left for Mexico the morning after my BBQ at 4am!!

Hanging out

Hanging out

My hubby and some friends hanging out by the fire pit.



A fuzzy picture of my hubby hanging in the kitchen after everyone left.  What an amazing party!!!  We have the best friends….and they made my night so special!

One thing that I did get a picture of, are two lovely bottles of wine that my friends brought over as gifts.



Materne Haegelin

Materne Haegelin

The wine on the right is a Pino Noir that my friend Bridgette bought for me when she was in France!  I can’t wait to try it…but I’m going to save it for a special occasion for sure!

She also bought this for me…so sweet!



On Sunday morning (the morning after our BBQ), we headed out at about 10:00 with our neighbors and drove up to Mt. Rainier for a nice day hike.  I may or may not have had a few too many beers the night before and may or may not have had a huge headache!  It felt good to sweat that alcohol out of my system.

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Walking across the bridge and heading up to our trail.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Woah!  Extreme closeup of the hubby!  🙂

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

In front of the falls…

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Treking through the snow!  I was really suprised to see so much snow up there, we thought that there would be a little but about a mile of our hike was through some pretty deep snow.  Good times.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Another bridge!

Well, there’s my longer than a damn book weekend recap.  If you’re not asleep by now, I hope you enjoyed my update and our fun pictures!  I’m happy to be back to blogging and will be back to catch you guys up on more of my life and eats soon!

Have a beautiful day bloggies!  🙂


Lent didn’t work, so what should I do now?

6 05 2009

Hi, my name is Dayna, and I have a huge sugar addiction!  So, I decided a few months ago to participate in lent and give up refined sugars.  I work best when I am working toward a goal or have a challenge.  I really should not be eating refined sugars for a number of reasons:

  • I have type 2 diabetes/insulin rresistance and feel like absolute crap when I eat sweets and junk food
  • I can feel the effects of refined sugars and sweets almost immediately, like my energy levels go down, and my mood changes
  • Because of my type 2/insulin resistance I gain weight almost immediately when I eat sweets
  • I am a total health nut and in all other aspects of my life am really strict as far as food and exercise are concerned, then I throw it down the tubes by eating cookies and candy

So, what is a girl to do!?  How can I beat this sugar addiction without falling off the wagon like I did last time?  I made it through 3 weeks of lent and then accidentally ate some trail mix with chocolate in it and it was a downward spiral from there.  So, I decided that instead of restricting myself (which I tell my clients to never do), I decided to give myself a small treat every day if I wanted it so that it wouldn’t get out of hand.  Well it got out of hand my friends and I need to find a solution to this problem.  

So, you might be wondering what prompted me to write about this!?  My hubby came home with these last night…


and I ate one of these…


WHAT THE F**K!?  I never eat that crap! NEVER.  I had such a stressful day and right when he walked in the door I gravitated right to that soft, warm, gooey, chocolaty goodness like it was gonna solve all of my problems.  I was thinking “I love you chocolate donut, and you will make all of my problems go away….”  Yeah………not so much!!

The worst part about this damn dirty donut was that I ate it and then 20 minutes later, realized that I had to go to bed.  Shit!  Donut in the stomach + bed time = poor sleep and tummy ache in the morning. (again….I really do/should have known better!!

So, when I woke up this morning I felt absolutely terrible!  My stomach was bloated, I had a huge headache, and didn’t sleep well at all!  I knew after the donut last night, I had to go to the gym, now matter how bad I felt!!!  So, I ate my tbsp of almond butter….which I didn’t want at all but knew that I needed to fuel up for the workout, and headed to the gym.

Seriously guys, about 10 minutes into my workout I thought I was going to barf!!  I just wanted to leave and go back to bed.  When I eat crap like that before bed or later in the evening, it sucks the energy right now of me the next morning.  Well, I made it through my workout, even though I wanted to quit and thought that I was going to barf the whole time, here’s what I did….

The, I’m so sick because I ate a Hugh Jass (stole that from Sarah) donut Workout!      

  •  Weight Bench Step Ups with Dumb Bell Military Press and Bicep Curl 12lbs 15 reps (MP’s with one set of step ups, and BC’s with one set of step up’s)
  • Decline Sit Ups 30 reps
  • Single Leg Hip Raises (hamstrings) 15 reps on each leg


  • Lunges with a Dumb Bell Twist 6lb dumb bell 10 lunges with twists down and 10 back
  • Back Extentions 15
  • Tricep Dips


Even then I still felt like I was going to puke, I ended the workout with 3 miles on the treadmill at a 10 minute mile with 15 minutes of stretching.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Okay, so let me go back to the whole point of this post.  

  • I need to figure out an effective way to be able to get rid my rediculous cravings for refined sugars.  
  • I have also been very interested lately in trying to introduce raw foods into my diet but have been pretty intimidated by all of the information that I have come across and have no idea where to start.
  • Since I love my treats, and already eat a lot of fruit, I need some suggestions on treats that I can make myself that I know will be a lot healthier than the cookies I always go for…which might be a way that I can incorporate some raw food recipes into my diet.

So, can you guys help me!?  Do you have any suggestions or pointers or words of advice?  I know that a lot of you out there eat raw foods, and have really healthy alternatives to deserts….so any help that you could lend would be so awesome!  Like I mentioned earlier, pretty much all aspects of my diet/lifestyle are super healthy, and I am really careful to make sure that I put good foods into my diet, but I really get tripped up when it comes to my sweet cravings.  I just need to quit this so that I can feel better, be healthier, and set a better example.

So, what do you guys do when you have uncontrollable sweet cravings?  What are some easy raw recipes you can suggest?  

If you guys think you can help……leave your comments!  I’m open to any and all suggestions!

Thanks guys!!  

Dayna 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



















Time to get back to the grind…..

1 05 2009

Time to get back to our regularly scheduled programing….

Well, it’s been quite a week, or week and a half.  I have been reading all of your blogs religiously but just haven’t felt like posting.  School and work(s) have been hectic on top of the fact that it has been a rather emotional week, which has kind of sucked the energy right out of me.  I feel like I have so much to say, and nothing to say all at the same time.  I have been working out this week of course, and want to share my workouts with you, but I can’t really remember what I did.  I’ve been taking pictures of my food and I might just give you a quick recap of everything that I have eaten.  


What a hectic day!  Monday morning I taught my first ever “workout boot camp” with the owner of the studio where I work!  It was awesome!  We had 6 girls and split them up so I took 3 and she took 3 and we just beat em up and switched off.  It was so fun.  Hopefully they’ll be back and we can do it again next Monday morning.  The studio where I work is very small and we are only about a year old, so we are hopefully going to have our boot camps up and running on a regular basis by the summer time.  I had to be at the studio at 8:30 so Kristy and I could get ready, which meant that in order to get my workout in, I had to get up at 4:45 to do the 5:30 spin class.  I have to say, I am not impressed with the spin class that I have taken in the mornings.  It’s just not enough for me and I barely broke a sweat.  I am convinced that I am better off doing my own workouts.  After I was done teaching the boot camp, I high-tailed it outta there and rushed to school.  I had to do my informative speech (which was on fitness and nutrition…naturally) for my public speaking class at 10:30, and I got done teaching boot camp at 10:00!!  I was so nervous and DID NOT want to be late.  Well, I got there early, did my speach without passing out or throwing up, and got 100 out of 100!!!  I was so pleased.  🙂


I RAN, I RAN, I RAN, I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh my god, can you tell I’m excited!?  So, I had some extra time at the gym and reeeeeally had the bug to run.  I hadn’t tried in over a month and had been religiously following my physical therapist’s order for stretching (which I was doing already), and I was feeling really good…no pain at all.  So, I thought, what the hell…I’m just going to get on the tread mill and do a walk/run and if the pain comes on like last time the I’ll stop.  So, I walked for 2 minutes and decided (reluctantly) to start running, but slowly….like an 11 minute mile, and it felt GOOD!  I was very careful, and skeptical and only ran for 2 minutes and then walked for another 2 minutes.  I repeated this a few times, still with no pain.  I couldn’t believe it, but I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to push it, that’s how I got in this trouble in the first place.  Well, I stayed on the tread mill for 30 minutes and after my first few walk2/run2 I ran for 5 minutes, and 10 minutes with walking in between.  My knees actually felt the best that they had since February!!  That afternoon I went to see my physical therapist and told her that I ran and also told her that I felt better and I had been doing all of the stuff that she told me to.  She was happy that I took it easy, and did some more tests on me.  So she told me that my hip flexors are very tight as well as my calves and hamstrings, which we established last week.  She told me that if I really stretch these and get them loose and lengthened my knees should start feeling better and I will be a much better runner.  She also took the orthotics out of my running shoes to see if they might have been causing an imbalance in my running.  She also had me run on the TM so that she could look at my form and told me that it’s perfect!!!  That was great news since I was really pigeon toed when I started running, which is why I had the orthotics to begin with.  So, she gave me more stretches to do and sent me on my way…and told me that I can run a little if I want (because she knows I’m going to do it anyways), but to take it slow and keep it easy.  So, basically……I CAN START RUNNING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But believe me I have learned my lesson.  I am going to take it slow this time and just enjoy the ride…I don’t need to be the fastest or the best, I just need to run and enjoy my time on the road.  That’s what this sport is about right?  🙂                                       


Oh, and I went all out and made this for dinner for.  Chicken enchiladas!  This is the first time that I have made these and I think I made it a lot more complicated than it needed to be.  The one on the end without the cheese was mine.  They were tasty.  I filled them with shreaded chicken, onions, green peppers and refried beans.

stuff-031I had mine with a nice glass of Overlake Cab and some spinach.  Tim had a side of refried beans.  Mmmmmmm 🙂


Nothing to report for Wednesday…..I can’t really remember what I did yesterday besides homework and housework, and more homework. That’s really not very interesting at all.  Oh, but I did make this for dinner, which I had with some grilled chicken.

stuff-005Grilled veggies:

*green peppers

*Brussels sprouts


*Red peppers

*Red onions


I also mixed in a little extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, thyme, and S&P.  I like it a lot, but think it might be more cost effective to just stick to my steamed veggies.


I didn’t have school today!!  Woohoo!  So, I intended on sleeping in and going to the gym around 7, but since I had the opportunity to sleep in, of course I woke up early.  At 5:45!  I felt good though and didn’t rush getting to the gym.  I drank my coffee, ate my half of a banana and 1tbsp of almond butter and went to the gym around 6:45.  I did back and biceps this morning and then for my cardio ran again!!!  I ran a little faster this time, because it just felt right.  I knew that if I felt any little onset of pain or inflammation that I could back off and run, but I ran a 10 minute mile today and it felt so good.  Oh, to sweat and zone out and feel the adrenaline……..I love you running!!  I walked for 2 minutes and ran for 10 minutes and repeated that 3 times.  I stretched a ton when I was done and so far still feel really good.  My knees are a little tender, which I expected, but they don’t hurt.  I will stretch really good tonight before bed and take it easy at the gym in the morning.  

When I got home from studying for a few hours at this cute little cafe near my house, a man came to my door and delivered these!


Aren’t they beautiful!?  My dad and step mom sent them, and I had been feeling a little *bleh* today, so they really cheered me up!  They know that with the 2 year “anniversary” of my mom’s passing being tomorrow (sigh), and my friend Angie’s memorial being this Saturday, that I could really use a pick-me-up and something to make me smile.  It worked!  I have the best family!                                                                                                                                                                                     Well, right now I’m jsut sitting here waiting for my hubby to get home from work.  He has been really busy lately and working long days.  While I wait for him, I think I’ll make myself some steamed veggies with grilled chicken and enjoy a glass of this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             stuff-012

Have a great night guys, and thanks for reading my long winded post!  It’s funny how I feel like I have nothing to say and then all of the sudden an hour later I am wrapping up my post for the day.  Blogging definitely takes a close second place to running in the therapeutic activities category.

If I have time tomorrow after school and before work I’ll try and post.  If I don’t get around to it, I hope you all have a great Friday!