Hitting the Reset Button

6 05 2014

Am I the only one that wakes up on a Monday morning with an overwhelming urge to hit the reset button?  To try and un-do all that was done over the weekend in an attempt to restore order to my life and body?  When I woke up this morning I felt like I needed not only a mental but a physical cleanse.  I just wanted to be kinder to my body and to my mind, and to feel better.  This weekend I drank a little more alcohol than I should have, ate more sugar than I should have, and was in a bad mood almost the entire time.  I am a firm believer that what you put into your body has a direct effect on your mind and your mood.  So, it only makes sense that after an over indulgent weekend filled with sugar, complex carbohydrates, and negativity, I woke up this morning feeling and intense need for change.  I should add that my bad mood perpetuated this bad behavior, which in turn put me in an even worse mood.  So it’s definitely a revolving circle of self abuse.  I used to be so diligent about taking care of myself.  I would eat well always, make time for exercise, get plenty of sleep, and be sure to set aside time for working on my mental health and personal happiness.  Now that I’m a mom, a full time student, and the person in my house who is in charge of making sure that my family is fed and taken care of, I feel like something has to be sacrificed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but all of this extra stuff hasn’t left me any time for myself and this is becoming an issue for me.  I am a person who needs to feel balance in all aspects of my life in order to feel well and be well.

So, in an effort to purge my life of the things that I don’t want anymore here’s what I plan to do:

* Be good to my body! – Get the refined sugars out of my diet and stop relying on them to enhance my mood and help me feel better.  I used to love having fruit as a treat or desert, but now I find myself always reaching for a cookie, or chocolate, etc.  Sugar is addictive and all this does is leave me feeling like I need more.

Cut back on alcohol! – Get back to just having a glass of wine or two on the weekends, and that’s it.  Same thing with sugar, after one glass of wine, I feel like I want or need another.  Usually that’s not a good idea.

* Start running and lifting again! – This used to be something that was a priority in my life, and pretty much defined me.  Fitness was my career.  I had a my own spot in the weight room and the gym and everyone knew who I was.  But, being sick with my daughter on and off over the past 5 months, and having a very busy schedule with school and being a new mom has really put a halt to my ability to exercise, and in turn has made me very lazy.  I used to go out and run a minimum of 5 miles, 4 times a week as well as find time for strength training.  Now, I’m lucky if I get out for a walk a few times a week.  I miss that part of myself.  With that said, I’m living a new life now and don’t have the the time or the energy to go to the gym and work out for an hour and a half each day, so I’m going to adapt my workouts to fit in with my new life!

I’m really excited for these new changes that I’m about to implement in my life!  This is just in time for summer, and my wedding in July!  Eeeeekkk!!!  I want to go into all of this feeling healthy, happy, and whole!  I also want to stay accountable to myself and all of you, so I’m going to be using my blog as a way to document my healthy eats and exercise like I used to do when I first started writing.  I’m really hopeful about this new journey, and I’m happy that you can all take it with me!!

To kick things off, when I got home from school The Boy (as I have affectionately called him since we started dating) took over baby duty so I could get a run in!  I ran 3.4 miles around the neighborhood in about 35 minutes!  I had some pretty steep hills and a few walking breaks on the way back, but overall I feel great and am happy with my run.  It’s been almost 2 months since I laced up my shoes and got out there, and I’m still riding the runners high!!

When I got home, Amelia was napping so I got cleaned up and started prepping dinner.  When she woke up it was time to eat, and we were all starving!!  I didn’t take any pics of dinner tonight because I was eager to get the food on the table, but The Boy and I had baked chicken (that he prepared while I was gone!), mashed sweet potatoes, and kale salad with avocado and carrots.  It was delicious!!!  Amelia (my 11 month old daughter who still has no teeth!) had little pieces of chicken, avocado, sweet potato, pasta, and watermelon!  She seemed to like the dinner just as much as we did…this kid has an appetite!

So, I’d have to say that I successfully hit the reset button today, and I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I’ll include some pics of my delicious eats and my beautiful runs the next time I give you all an update.  Until then…..here’s a pic of our beautiful daughter last week on her first trip to the zoo!



Dayna 🙂


Finals!! One Down, One to Go!

18 03 2009

Well…the quarter is almost over with! Tomorrow is my last day of class and my last final…thank goodness cause I am really ready for a break. I had my psychology final this morning which I am sure that I aced! Actually, I should say that I lucked out more than anything…..we had two parts to this final, a take home portion which consisted of 90 multiple choice questions that were to be turned in this morning, and then the in class short essay questions that we were to do this morning. Well, my professor came down with a terrible illness (I emailed her with well wishes, everyone around here has been so sick lately), and canceled the second part of the final! So, that meant that all we had to do was turn in the take home portion which I worked on with some of my classmates last night! I am almost positive that I got at least 85 out of the 90 points, I will keep you guys posted though.
Tomorrow morning is my biology final…that is another story all together. Let’s just say that I AM not ready for this one at all. There have just been so many projects in this class that I have not had time to study like I usually do. I am just going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

When I got home from class today rushed to the gym so that I could get my workout in before my biology study session with Victoria at the Manolin Cafe.
I still can’t run and am getting bored with the same ole stuff so I decided to do a Crossfit workout today. Crossfit workouts are pretty intense and basically aim to get your heart rate up and keep you working in an anaerobic state for the entire workout, and increase your endurance. They are similar to circuit training but way more intense, and requires little to no weights depending on which one you do. You should check it out at http://www.crossfit.com/.
Okay, so onto the workout!
All of the Crossfit workouts have names, and I am not sure what the name of this one is…my friend at the gym just told me to do it and I forgot what he called it.

5 rounds – max reps of each – not for time of:
65lb bench press (yeah, I know it’s not a lot of weight…but I’m not Arnold or anything)
and band assisted pull-ups

What I did….
Round 1: 20 bench press, 30 pull-ups
Round 2: 15 bench press, 30 pull-ups
Round 3: 13 bench press, 25 pull-ups
Round 4: 12 bench press, 20 pull-ups
Round 5: 10 bench press, 15 pull-ups

…pfew that was hard, but felt good and I know I will be feeling it tomorrow for sure!  Actually, I am already feelin it…which means I might not be able to lift my when I wake up in the morning!  haha
I also did three rounds of leg/hip raises on a weight bench since I always like to get a little bit of ab work in.
When I was done with all of that I hopped on the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes and studied for my final.

Okay….. onto my eats!

I soaked my steel cut oats again last night before I went to bed and they were waiting for me this morning, and ready to be cooked!  I let them come to a boil and then put them on simmer for about 15 minutes.  While they were cooking, I added some cinnamon and a packet of stevia to give them some added flavor!  

I decided to take my homework into the kitchen so that I could keep my eye on the oats and not burn them.  


I also got an awesome idea for a new way to cook my egg whites from Jenna at http://eatliverun.com/!

Thanks for the tip Jenna!! I took 1/2 cup of egg whites, added some salt and pepper, and stuck it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and they turned out perfect!!  They tasted amazing and were the perfect addition to my steel cut oats.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough protein in the morning and this is a great, quick and easy way to make sure that I can fit it in.  With my busy schedule I don’t really have to time to stick the eggs in the pan and cook them up on the stove.  I digress….

When my oats and eggs were done, they looked like this…


I decided to cut the egg whites up in cubes and add them to my oatmeal….surprisingly, they tasted great together…..


and made my taste buds and tummy so happy!!

When I went to the Mandolin to study with Victoria, I had an iced pomegranate green tea, and a salad with mixed greens, chicken, green apple slices, walnuts, dried cranberries and a little bit of honey mustard dressing.  I completely forgot to take my camera!  Darnit!  Oh well, that certainly won’t be the last time that I go there and order that salad, so I am sure that I will have pics for you in the future!

When I got home, “the Hubbs” was making breakfast for dinner….pancakes!  I think he must have been a chef in another life because he was flipping the pancakes on the pan and really looked like a pro!


I had a few bites of his pancakes…he wanted me to be the taste tester and I was not going to argue, but I decided to have this for snack instead before I headed out to the grocery store.


A yummy Ruby Red Grapefruit!!  They were only .79 each at the grocery store when I went this morning to pick up kitty food so I couldn’t resist picking a few up! (that and I have a serious grapefruit addition)


Well, grocery shopping took up a good portion of my night and when I got home, I DID NOT feel like cooking……so, I decided to have one of these….




 Vietnamese Style Chicken Wrap from Trader Joe’s,  I ate it without the dipping sauce and it was just what I needed.


Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmmm.  I really should just make my own wraps more often, I always enjoy these so much and I am sure that I could come up with all kinds of awesome combinations.  **note to self make wraps and eat lots of them**  🙂

“The Hubbs” decided to make himself a supreme french bread pizza (as you can see, he and I have totally different eating habits…but that does not mean that I didn’t have a few bites…hehe).  To be honest, it built me up a lot and let me down, it really lacked in flavor and was waaaay too greasy, sooooo didn’t compare to my wrap!  He wasn’t too pleased with it either, and he is a huge fan of pizza and could eat it every day.  Actually, I could too…if they weren’t loaded with so many calories and so much fat. 


After dinner I spent about an hour working on the book-keeping for our business and decided to work on my blog for the day since I have been neglecting it over the past week or so.  I hope you all have enjoyed my posts so far!  I really get a lot of joy out of putting this blog together and hope that others get that same joy from reading it…although my day to day life and eats aren’t nearly as interesting as some of you out there.

So far my sweet tooth hasn’t kicked in, so it looks like no desert for me…which is a good thing for sure.

If I change my mind I will be back with a pic to share!

Well, I had a great day and I hope you all did too!!  I can’t wait to start my spring break tomorrow!  Woohoo!!!!

Have a great night everybody and I will check back in tomorrow!

Oh, and here is my cute pic for the day!  I came home to this the other night when I got home from work….hubby and Spike sleeping on the couch.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ


The knee and my awesome dinner!

5 03 2009

Hi all, well for those of you that don’t know I have been having pain in my knee and my foot for about the past two weeks and it has really put a stop to my running, which has been very hard for me to deal with lately. Well, I went to the doc today to have it checked out and he said that I most likely strained or pulled my MCL and it should heal in about two weeks. Damn, I kinda already knew that but figured cause I was in so much pain that it would be a good idea to get it checked out. There’s two wasted hours that I will never get back! Yarrrgggg. So, no running for me for another week and a half or so. At least I have been doing good with my food and have not cheated during lent! That makes it much easier for me to rationalize not being able to run and just having to do cross training.
Anyways, before and after my doctors apt I did homework of course. I am working on a research presentation for my biology class about artificial sweeteners, their molecular structure, and the effects that they have on the human body. Boy have a learned a lot that I wish I had known about 5 years ago when I started drinking diet sodas and eating sugar free foods. First of all, it’s really scary what this stuff is made of and it is even worse when you learn what it does to your body. Ick!

I took a break this evening from my studies to make some delicious dinner, Spike our cat was keeping me warm, but decided to cuddle up to my books instead when I got off the couch. He looked so cute and comfortable I just had to take a pic.

For dinner tonight I decided to grill up some chicken breasts on my George Foreman grill with some frozen mixed stir fry veggies and fresh brussel sprouts. Mmmmmmmm! So good! I pretty much ate my portion of chicken right when it came off the grill so I didn’t get much of it in the pic, but it was delicious and so were the veggies. Lately there is nothing better than a big bowl of steamed vegetables.

After dinner I remembered that I hadn’t had any carbs with dinner and saw that I had a sweet potato that I needed to cook…so, I decided to make sweet potato fries! Mmmmmm! I took my big sweet potato, sliced it up and mixed the slices up with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled cinnamon over the top. I baked them in the oven at 425 degrees for about 12 minutes, and they came out PERFECT! Who needs desert after dinner when you have sweet potato fries with cinnamon on them!
Here’s what they looked like when they came out of the oven…heavenly!

I also decided to treat myself to a glass of wine after my dinner and “desert”. Actually, I had a small glass of each of these…I just couldn’t help myself.

Oh! So I sent off for some free samples of tea a few weeks ago from Yogi and they came today! I was so excited to get them and try em out, and they came with a coupon for my next box of tea! Woohoo! I tried the “Antioxidant Green Tea” with a packet of Stevia natural sweetener this evening, and it was just what I needed while I was studying. I love tea, and am really glad that I gave up diet sodas and started drinking it instead.

Well, my day is winding down and hubs left to go hang out with one of his friends so I think I’m going to watch some of my DVR’d shows before I go to bed.
Have a great night guys and I hope you are enjoying my blog!

Lent – Week one update!

4 03 2009

Hey all!  I made it through my first week of lent, refined sugar and desert free!  I don’t really like the idea of having to restrict something from my diet because usually that type of thing can backfire, but I have been so motivated to be healthier and meet this challenge that I am okay with it!  I have insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes (this is not a new discovery or anything) and during my visit to my doc the other day I told her that I had given up refined sugars and she was very pleased.  She told me that this is one of the best things I can do to keep my insulin issues and metabolism in check without having to take Western medicine, which I am NOT a fan of at all.  So, needless to say, these past 6 days have been great!  I have not had any wierd and uncontrollable cravings to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I think it’s mainly because I have a goal in mind and ahead of me.  I have eaten things that are sweet, but are naturally sweetened.  Like, raspberry preserves, stevia in my coffee and cereal, fruit, yogurt, etc so that has done the trick.  I have also decided to get out of the slump of eating the same meal every night for dinner simply beause it is convienent, and have been putting together more dinner combos, which has satisfied my craving for change in my diet.  It’s pretty challenging to make sure that I am getting my protein carbs and veggies in every meal, but I have the knowledge so I just need to take the time to prepare the meals.  

I truly believe that my problems with food cravings, mainly sweets, come from the fact that I lack variety in my diet.  It’s hard when you are on a budget, don’t have a lot of time, and can only eat certain foods….but I have managed to come up with some pretty good dinners!  I have also found some pretty awesome blogs on here from fellow foodies with great recipe and meal ideas which have really inspired me and given me new ideas.  You should really check them out..
http://www.eatliverun.com, http://nhershoes.blogspot.com/, and http://therunningyogini.wordpress.com/
These ladies are truly inspiring and creative, and I really enjoy reading their blogs! Plus, it’s awesome to see what they will be cooking up next!
Unfortunately I have been working on some projects for school that have kept me pretty busy so I haven’t been able to take pics of my meals….either that or I just forgot.  DOH!  I will make sure and do that tomorrow.  I have been working on a lot of stuff for school right now not to mention a big research project for my biology class.  Boy, I can’t wait till this qtr is over so I can take a break!
Okay, gotta get back to the homework and this nice glass of wine that I am enjoying so I will update more later.  Hopefully with some pics included.
Night all!

Breakfast for dinner and my first day of “non-religious” lent

27 02 2009

Hey guys!  I had a great day today.  Today is my first official day of “non-religious lent” as I call it, and it has been a success!  I know, I know…it’s only day one, but I am still optimistic.  As part of my internal cleansing I have started using the dry sauna at the gym after my workouts as a way to sweat out my toxins and clear out my skin and it feels great…why haven’t I used this before!?  Well, today after class I went to the gym and did my workout and then sat in the sauna for 15 minutes.  I felt so good and clean afterwards, I think I will do it every day after I work out.  I never knew how good I could feel after just sitting and sweating and stretching, it was great! 

I injured  my knee yesterday when I was doing squats and was not able to run today.  I swear I am falling apart!  Two weeks ago, I re-sprained my right ankle, hurt my left foot (all on the same run) and then yesterday I hurt my left knee!  What the hell!?  Oh well, I am going to take about a week off from running and just cross train until my knee feels better…as hard as it is to not run I need to listen to my body.
Today after my workout I went to this awesome little cafe with a friend of mine from my biology class and we sat and studied for about three and a half hours.  I got a lot accomplished!  I got some of my homework done and got a good start on my research project!  Woohoo!
When I came home I was itching to do something other than sit on my butt so I made an awesome dinner for Tim and myself.  I made him blueberry pancakes with apple smoked bacon and hashbrowns.  I made myself two little mini-blueberry pancakes and a boca burger patty, which tasted like cardboard but I needed to protein so I just ate it anyways.  Oh, and I had a glass of wine with dinner, and a cup of Cascade Fresh lemon yogurt for desert. This is the finished product minus about 3 pieces of bacon that Tim couldn’t wait to eat. There’s Tim…”Can you please take the picture so I can eat my tasty dinner!?” hehe There’s my dinner…it doesn’t look as good as Tim’s did, but it was still tasty and I enjoyed it. 🙂 There’s Spike wondering where his dinner is. I swear he thinks he is a dog because he will sit at our feet at the dinner table or in the living room if we are eating in front of the tv, and beg for a bite of whatever we are eating. He will try everything too. One time I gave him spicy salsa that was almost too hot for me, and he loved it…boy did that one backfire. Here’s Princess Molly sitting at the dinner table waiting for her dinner. Tim got up for a few minute to go get something and she was right up in his chair waiting to be served. Our cats have the best personalities. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my tasty dinner! There will be more to come next week. I work a crazy schedule this weekend so I don’t know if I will have time to blog with all of the homework I will be catching up on. Catch up with you all soon! D

Giving up something for Lent

25 02 2009

In my search for answers, self improvement, growth, and cleansing…I have decided to give up something for lent. Now, I am loosely starting this today, and am going to be preparing myself (since I only decided to do this on a whim this morning) all day today for my next 40 days. This will be no easy task, giving up something completely for an extended period of time never is, but I am up for the challenge! I need this, and can do this!
I have been doing some research this morning to find out exactly what lent is and if you can do it if you are not catholic. I am spiritual, but not religious. I read that lent simply means “the spring season”, and since I am trying to do some spring cleaning of my own (mentally and spiritually), I think that this is going to be a fun challenge! I found this when I was researching lent this morning and it really motivated me “Lent is a time for soul-searching, facing great challenges and overcoming mistakes.” I am really in need of some soul-searching, so what a great way to get focused!
I also thought this was interesting (not news to any of you, but since I didn’t really know what lent was, I found this helpful) “Give up something you love for the 40-day period, symbolizing the Lenten season’s return to simplicity and purity. It doesn’t matter what you give up – cigarettes, chocolate, television, surfing the Internet – as long as the meaning of its absence holds significant value to you.”
So, what am I going to be giving up….I’m sure you are just dying to know! I’m going to give up sugary junk foods, basically anything that contains refined sugars, like cookies, candy, cake, etc. I have been trying to find a way to motivate myself to really stay away from this crap for a while as a way to cleanse my body…and here is my motivation!! I think this is great too because now I will have to find more creative ways to make healthy yet satisfying snacks when I am feeling that urge to have something sweet.
I just have a little bit of trail mix in my car that has white chocolate chips in it that I will finish today because I don’t want to waste food, and then it’s on! So, who’s with me on giving up something for lent!?
Email me on my facebook , or post a comment and let me know. It would be fun to have other people to do this with and check in with..kind of like a support system. Of course, you don’t have to give up the same thing that I am, but it’s more about the self control facing the challenge.
I will keep you all posted and let you know how I am doing! Oh man, I spent too much time doing this and now I am going to be late for school! Bye guys!

I think I have finally repaid my sleep debt (2/10/09)

10 02 2009

Good Morning!! Well, I think I have finally shaken this nasty cold and am back to my old self…more or less. There is no school today and I had intended to sleep in, but I woke up refreshed and ready to go at 6:30! It usually happens like that, which is fine actually. I like to get up early and get things done, as long as I have had a good nights sleep I don’t mind. I needed to get a jump start on homework anyways.  

I got back into my grind yesterday and went for a run after school. It was a short 4 miles, but I ran it pretty fast, and it felt good. I have lost some of my endurance, but not my speed, which always seems to be the case.  I know that it’s going to take a few weeks to get back into shape, or at least feel like I am, but I know that yesterday’s run was a good start. Man, it is always so hard for me to get back on track when I have to take time off from running, or if my mileage has been low. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Sometimes it’s so hard, and I just want to say “F-it!” and quit (which is usually in the first three miles while I am warming up), and then I hit that zone and feel like I could run forever. Well, I didn’t have that feeling at all yesterday, and when I am trying to get my “running feet” back, it usually takes a few runs to get to that point. And, since this is my first winter running outdoors, it has been especially hard for me. Not that I don’t get out there and run in 30* weather (which is warm for some of the people I have spoken to), but damn, it’s really hard to get motivated to go outside when all I want to do is curl up by the heater. I guess that’s what separates me (and all of the other runners out there) from people who just work out. I run because I love it, and love what it does for me, and how it helps me heal.  So, even if it’s colder than frozen snot out there, I will still go and run.  I have a gym membership, and could just go in and use the tread mill, which I do when it’s raining, but since i have started running outside, being on the TM is like pulling teeth for me.  Soooo boreing!  Now I just have to get my lazy azz out there and get back on track, because I know that once I get my flow back, I will be in love with running again.
Well, it’s supposed to snow here today…which I am totally over, but I am going to go out and run anyways. It has snowed here a lot this winter, and it would be cool, if it actually snowed enough to stick and make a difference…not just make the roads slushy and ugly.  I hope to get in 6 miles, or maybe more today, so we’ll see.  I am still trying to figure out which route I am going to run.  
Just to show you an example of how damn cold it’s been (especially in our house), check out the cat’s bundling up on Tim’s lap. That doesn’t happen very often, so I had to take a picture.  

Alright, I’d better get geared up and head out for my run before the snow hits.  I’m watching the weather report right now and it looks cold.  WHERE ARE YOU SUMMER!?  I would even settle with Spring….uggg.  Okay, I’m off.  I will report back later with my mileage.  I am also making yummy tofu stirfry for dinner tonight with harvest grains, so I will try and post some pics of my nummy dinner.
Have a great day all.