Wah, Wah, Wah (insert whining sound here)

1 10 2009

(I had originally named this post “BFL Day 2 – Complete Fail”, but after reading this, I realized that it’s a total bitch fest so I though it was only appropriate to change the name.)

So, I’m a healthy eater.  I am aware of the types of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats that I need to have in my daily diet.  I count my calories, and I also make sure that I am eating every 2.5-3 hours to make sure that my metabolism and blood sugar stays up.  But dayyummm, this Body For Life challenge certainly lives up to it’s name (well the challenge part anyways), and it’s a lot more challenging that I thought it would be.  I didn’t realize just how high my carbohydrate to protein ratio was, and just how many carbohydrates I actually eat.

Meh….I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little discouraged with this today.

Although I have made healthy choices, and all of my foods have been BFL friendly they have just been really sporadic and heavy on the carbs.

I was scheduled to do a 7 mile run this morning, and my plan was to go around 8:30am when I finished up with my morning clients, but it was sooooo cold so I chickened out and came home.  (yeah, I was being a big baby, it was only 55*)  I ended up pushing back meal #2 (which was my pre-run fuel) and was starving by the time I got home, so I had a small bowl of Kashi Go Lean with some almond milk to get me through the next few hours until I went for my run.

When I was finally ready to get my lazy ass bootie out the door, I realized that I needed my pre-run snack or I wouldn’t make it through my 7 miles, so I had an Orowheat Sandwich Thin (sorry, I had an off day and completely forgot to take pics of my eats) with a tbsp of almond butter.  I usually have 1/2 of a banana with the AB, but ran out so I subbed it with the sandwich thin.  I think this is where I went wrong.  It didn’t give me the energy I needed, on top of that fact that I have been feeling “off” all day anyways, and when I set out on my run I could feel it.  I knew within the first mile that I wasn’t going to make it the whole distance today.  Usually I have those thoughts and I just say to myself, “Quit being a baby, after a few miles you’ll feel just fine and be happy to be out here.”  It always works, but not today.  I had to stop after 4 miles because I literally couldn’t pick up my feet anymore, my body was exhausted and begging for a break.  For some odd reason, my blood sugar also dropped about half way through my run which made it real hard to function.  I think that subbing the sandwich thin for the banana was the culprit.  **mental note: must make sure I always have bananas in the house before a run**

So, here’s where I think the problem began with my food today.  I had fueled for a 7 mile run when I only did 4, and my carbs to protein ratios were all messed up.  Because my plans had changed it threw my meal planning off and I kind of ate whatever I had available.  I won’t go into the eats for the rest of the day because I’m pretty sure you guys are tired of listening to my whining, but that incident pretty much threw off the rest of my day.  I got discouraged and just kind of called it a fail and decided to eat as healthy as possible, and get back to the BFL guidelines first thing tomorrow.

Okay….enough of my whining and complaining.  Thanks for “listening” to my rant.  I kind of went into the challenge thinking that it would be super easy.  Yeah, maybe not super easy, but easy none the less.  Hello wake up call!  I may be discouraged, but I’m not gonna quit!  Tomorrow is a new day and it will be great!  Oh, and I went grocery shopping tonight so I have lots of yummy BFL eats in the fridge and new meals planned out for the week.  I’m making pumpkin soup tomorrow, and will be sure to take pics and share the recipe with you guys!

So, here are some questions….for you you fellow BFL’ers like this chick, and this chick too (or any of you out there that have tried similar challenges).  Have you ever had a total “off” day that left you discouraged and ready to give it up?  What do you do when your protein and carb percentages are not where they need to be and you’re not sure if you can fix it?  Do you try to make up for it, or just call it a day and try to do better tomorrow?

Thanks for “listening” to my bitching and moaning.  I got it out of my system not and tomorrow is going to be a new and totally awesome day!!

Speaking of awesome….I’ll leave you with a pic of my babies.

The Hubby, Spike and Molly

The Hubby, Spike and Molly in a kitty sammich

Nighty-Night!  Dayna 🙂




9 responses

1 10 2009
Danielle C.

Aw cute kitties! My husband loves it when our cats curl up on him (they usually flock to me).

1 10 2009

Thanks! That was last winter I think when it was super cold and they all cuddled together to stay warm. I love my babies! (all 3 of them) 🙂

7 10 2009

I’m so glad to have found your blog! I am training for my first marathon also, though mine is a bit later. Have you experienced any excessive fatigue as your miles get higher?

7 10 2009

Oh my gosh, yes I have!! Especially last week…I was completely useless all week and so fatigued and tired. Last weeks mileage was a little lower because I was coming off of 14 and 15 mile long runs, and boy did I feel it! Have you experienced the same thing? When’s your marathon? I’m doing my first 17 miler this coming Saturday and I’ll be sure to post a recap of my run.
Thanks for reading!!

7 10 2009

My marathon is in March. I’m only 3 weeks into my training, but already I feel a noticeable change in my energy level (i.e. naps in the afternoon are SO tempting). Fatigue is one of my biggest concerns, because there are other aspects beside running in my life that require energy, you know?
Looking forward to your 17-miler recap (:

7 10 2009

Yas – A strong recomendation that I’d like to make is to make sure that you are eating lots of protein and keep your diet as clean as possible. I notice that when I’m not as careful about my nutrition, I feel more fatigued and worn down. Protein will help with muscle repair and will help keep your energy up. 🙂

7 10 2009

That’s so true! I haven’t been very careful about my nutrition so far, more or else eating intuitively… from your experience, is there one type of protein (animal, dairy, plant, etc) that works better for you?

7 10 2009

P.S. I’m documenting my training here: http://prettylittlesteps.wordpress.com/

8 10 2009

I tend to stick with chicken, tuna and eggs for my lean protein. I also like cottage cheese. 🙂

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