My long over due Half Marathon race recap…

20 09 2009

Hey guys!  So, it’s only been about a month and a half since I ran my first Half Marathon, and pretty much after I ran that race I got talked into signing up for my first Full Marathon!!  More on that later…I should give you recap on my half before I get into the full.

To give you a short recap on my half, it went great!  I was super nervous, and after I was done running it, I had no idea why I had worried so much.  I rocked that shit, and it felt awesome!  I finished in 2:01:20, which was right around where I wanted to be.  Secretly I was hoping to finish in 1:59:59 so that I could say I did it in under 2 hours….but maybe next time, hehe.  The best part about running my first half was the fact that my hubby was there to support me (as always), and my Dad and Step-mom came up from the Oregon Coast to support me as well!  Seriously, knowing that they were waiting for me at the finish line is what kept me feeling so strong!

Me and the hubby before the race

Me and the hubby before the race

Me with my handsome Daddy and amazing Step-mom Joeanne

Me with my handsome Daddy and amazing Step-mom Joeanne

The weather was perfect starting out.  It was about 65* and a little foggy, and then at about the 1:30 mark the clouds started to break and it started to heat up really quickly.  I’m glad that it was cool out for most of the race, because when I’m running if it’s over 75*, the heat sucks the energy right out of me!

Geeze....can you tell that I was excited?

Geeze....can you tell that I was excited?

That picture was taken by my hubby at mile 2 I think…….and before I knew it (okay not really…it felt like I was running forever), I was at the finish line and listening to the local band playing and all of the spectators yelling!  Music to my ears….literally!

Crossing the finish line!!

Crossing the finish line!! I felt like I was flying 🙂

My average minute per mile pace (according to my amazing Garmin 405) was about a 9:30 but I ran the last 2 miles at about a 8:30 because I was so excited to cross the finish line and felt so strong!  That’s why I looked like this when I was done…..

Having my timing chip removed.

Having my timing chip removed.

When I got to the finish line my family was there cheering me on, and it was so awesome!  I was immediately handed a bottle of water and a finishers glass (that I forgot to take a picture of).  The glass is the best gift that I got from the race…even cooler than the t-shirt!

Then I stretched out the legs a little and we walked around and checked out all of the cool booths and I grabbed some food samples too!  The other best part about races. 🙂

My hubby is quite the photographer.

My hubby is quite the photographer.

When we were walking around I noticed that they were offering free 10 minute massages and each additional minute for just $1 to all race finishers!!  Who could pass that up!?  NOT ME!

I ended up getting a 15 minute massage :)

I ended up getting a 15 minute massage 🙂

After my massage we walked around for a while and then the hubby and I headed home so I could shower, eat, and get cleaned up.  My Dad, Step-mom, and I went up to Seattle for the afternoon so that they could see Pike Place Market, and we had a blast!!


Pike Place Market

I have to say that the day I ran the half was one of the best days that I can remember.  Not only because this was one of my biggest accomplishments, but because I got to share it with some of the people who I love the most!!  Love you Timmy, Dad, and Joeanne!

I hope you all enjoyed my race recap….I can’t wait to share my marathon training plan and how that has been going, but this was a long post and that will have to wait for my post tomorrow.

Have any of you out there run a half marathon, or had a major accomplishment that you feel has changed your life or given you a difference perspective on yourself?  Please share it with me!  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend bloggies!

Dayna 🙂




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24 09 2009
I’m training for my first marathon! « The Life of the Hopeful Runner

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29 09 2009

wow! 2.01 on your 1st half marathon! impressive!

29 09 2009

anyway, nice blog. im kind of a regular reader of your blog.. i dont have one but i just like reading other runner’s blogs. Im Sarah, 16, from Malaysia

29 09 2009

Thanks for reading Sarah! 🙂

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