I’m back…with a few changes! :)

18 09 2009

Hey everyone, after a long break from blogging…I have decided to come back and start up my blog again.  There are a lot of reasons why I took a break from this, and a big one was the fact that my blogging was starting to feel like a chore.  I can completely relate with what  Megan has been feeling.  I’m going to be a whiny baby for a second and say that I was feeling a bit discouraged and felt like no one was reading, and I was wondering why I was even doing this in the first place.  I can see that I have had hits, but no one was commenting (yeah, I know I need some cheese with my whine), and that made me wonder if a) I’m super boring or b) I needed to change up my blog a little bit.

I was also really starting to not enjoy the food aspect of my blog, as far as taking pictures of everything I was eating and then sharing it with everyone.  Although I love reading food blogs, and have learned so much from all of you lovely ladies out there, I was starting to feel like taking pictures of every meal that I was eating and then talking about it was a bit daunting.  It also started to feel unhealthy for me, for reasons that I don’t feel like sharing right now because they just feel too personal.

So….with that being said, I’m going to change the way I blog and am hoping to keep my readers and gain some new ones.  I am a totally regimented person and once I get set in my ways I have a hard time changing.  That is something that I am always working on, and I felt that if I didn’t blog about my meals and what I was eating every day then, what the hell would I talk about?  And do I even have anything interesting to say?  Well, my new goal with this blog is to just write and share my life with you guys, with photo’s included of course.  I mean, this is “The Life of the Hopeful Runner”, and I want to share my adventures in running, working out, enjoying good eats, enjoying my friends and family…and just what’s going on in my head.  So, if that means that sometimes I blog about my meals and some days I blog about my outdoor activities then fine….but I don’t have to be stuck doing one thing or the other, and life does not have to be that regimented.

Hehe, can you guys tell that I have given this some thought???

Alright, enough of all of that.  I’m back!!  Since I’ve been “gone”, I’ve still been obsessively reading all of your blogs and have found some awesome new ones as well!  Well, new to me maybe not to you.  This chick is awesome, and I really like reading her stuff, it has become a daily enjoyment for me.  I also have enjoyed the positive and funny words from her, I’ve really enjoyed reading about the adventures of her new puppy, and I love reading about her new operation that is so very beautiful!

There have been a lot of awesome changes in my life lately and I have so much to share with you guys….along with a lot of cool pictures!  I will update all of you on what’s been going on in my next post because I’m about to head out of here.

It’s 75* outside and way too beautiful to be sitting inside.  I think I’ll go out and sit on the deck and read my book for a bit, then it’s off to yoga at 5:45.  I’m lovin yoga right now, and I really need it tonight…since I’m scheduled to run my first 14 miler tomorrow!!! More on that tomorrow when I get back!

It’s great to be back everyone!  Have a beautiful weekend and I’ll catch up with you all very soon!

Dayna 🙂




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