Easy 8:34 mile!?

3 07 2009

Hey guys…less than a month to go before I race my first half marathon and all I can say is that this training has really been paying off!! Especially my speed work that I do once a week with Coach D.  For example…last week my coach had me doing 1 mile repeats with a 1:00 min rest in between.  For those of you who don’t know what a mile repeat is, basically I had to run 4 laps around the track (1 mile), not sprinting but staying within my anaerobic threshold. This was very challenging but I reall suprised myself with how fast I was able to go and it just felt so natural!  I really recomend this type of training to help increase speed, but gradually and it’s not too intense.  Anyway, I had to run each .25 mi lap in under 2 minutes, and when I was done with all 4 of my repeats I looked at my Garmin..and I had run an average 8:06 mile!!!!! I have NEVER run that fast and was so proud of myself.  I definitely felt whooped after my intervals, but it didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be to run that fast.

So, because of this speed work and all other aspects of my training of course, I have noticed my mile times getting faster and faster and the speed progression is feeling very natural.  I am just going the pace that feels good to my body.  Yesterday I did my long run for the week….due to scheduling issues with my jobs I had to do my long run in the middle of the week, but it actually worked out pretty well.  Coach D increased my time to 1:20 min this week, which was the longest time/distance that I have ever run.  This run was soooooooo much of a challenge for me!  I don’t know if it was the fact that I knew I had to run for almost an hour and a half, or if it was because I was a little dehydrated and hungry, but the last 20 minutes were pure hell!  Note to self: must pick up some Shot Blocks for next long run, or I’m not gonna make it home.  Well, I did it and ended up running 8.83 miles in 1:20 and I was quite pleased, and pretty sore and useless for the rest of the day yesterday.

I have been noticed that lately my feet have been pretty sore after my runs, which is an indicator to me that my shoes are wearing down and it’s time to replace them.  I had intended on getting a new pair of runners at least 3 wks before my race and yesterday’s run told me that it was definitely time.  Thank goodness for graduation presents, because I had the money saved up and was able to go to my favorite running store (South Sound Running), and get my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9’s!!!  As I always do, I tried other shoes on, but always go back to my beloved Brooks.  I’m pretty sure that I will wear these as long as I am running.

I did my standard 30 minute run this morning and tried out the new shoes! I LOVE THEM, THEY FIT LIKE A GLOVE!  I felt like I was just gliding across the pavement.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

My run felt so good and I was enjoying it so much, that I realized when I got back and checked my Garmin that I had run an average 8:34 pace!  Usually I am in between a 8:45 and 9:00 mile and that seems to be a comfortable pace for me.  Today I really flew and couldn’t even tell that I was going that fast, which leads me to believe that my speed training is really paying off!

It’s about 80* here already and when I got back I was sweating all over the place when I went into my backyard to do my drills.

Sweaty Stinky Mess!

Sweaty Stinky Mess!

(not the most flattering picture, but I just got done with a run in 80* weather, I’m not gonna look like a supermodel)  🙂

When I was done with my drills I came in and stretched.  My calves are super tight and I don’t have a foam roller so I decided to improvise, and thought that those of you who don’t own a foam roller either could benefit from this.

I took 3 tennis balls and put them inside a tube sock and used it like a foam roller to roll out the adhesions and knots in my muscles.  It works pretty well actually and my calves do feel a lot better.

Rollin out the calves

Rollin out the calves

It’s almost like a deep tissue massage at home, but not as relaxing…..at least it does the job right!

Looks like 3 tennis balls in a tube sock (that's what she said)!

Looks like 3 tennis balls in a tube sock (that's what she said)!

Well, I need to do some more stretching and then get ready to start my weekend job at Trader Joe’s.  Hope all of you have a great weekend and enjoy your 4th of July festivities!!!

Have any of you ever used my method for Self Mayofacial Release (foam rolling)?  What other methods do you use?

Catch you guys later!

Dayna 🙂




2 responses

4 07 2009
Danielle C.

Have you been to the Brooks outlets? I think there is one in Tukwila and one in Bothell…I’ve been meaning to visit the Bothell one since it is so close to my home but I always forget when I’m in that area.

11 07 2009
The Running Yogini

Wow you are getting SO FAST!!! You’re going to KILL the half 🙂 Wohooo!!

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