It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood!

22 05 2009

Hey guys.  I had the best day ever today!  I didn’t have school today so I got to sleep in…technically I didn’t, I still woke up at 6, but I didn’t wake up to the alarm and that was great!  It was sunny and beautiful when I woke up this morning….Spike was totally digging the sunshine coming through the front window.

ec 001

And then he did something completely unlike him….


He saw a fly on the window sill and decided to kill it and eat it! you can see, Spike is a bit large and a little lazy.  Most of the time when there’s a fly or spider in the house both of the cats just roll over and look at us like ..”Um, can you get that please, I’m busy.”  So, when I saw him attacking the fly like a champ, I had to take a pic and call the hubby to brag about what our boy had just done!  Good Spike!


Waiting for the fly to come out of hiding…..


Finding the fly, and squishing him like the bug that he was!


While I was watching Spike go from lounging peaceful kitty to fly murderer, I enjoyed these lovelies….


Ginormous cup of coffee with some almond milk and stevia….



…and half of a banana.  Mmmmmmm.  🙂

I did some stuff around the house and was assessing my pulled quad situation (see post below for further details), and decided that it felt good enough for me to attempt a run at the waterfront.  I contemplated just running around the neighborhood so that if it hurt and I couldn’t run, I hadn’t wasted any gas.  But, I felt good about it this morning, so my decision was made!  At about 8:30 I ate the other half of my banana with 1 tbsp of almond butter, laced up my beloved Brooks and headed out to the waterfront. 

ec 009

Jesus!  After looking at this picture, I’m wondering if anyone has any under the eye wrinkle cream that I can borrow.  Wow!  

Anyways….This is the beautiful view I had this morning….let me just say that even though I had to take it slow so that my quad didn’t cramp up on me, I had an ear to ear grin the whole run.  It was just so beautiful and I had the best time!  This is the first time since my knee injury that I have been able to have a successful run out here, so I was quite pleased!

ec 010

ec 011

Like I said, my run was great!  There were lots of people out and I was suprised.  It was 8:30 on a Thursday morning…kinda random, but it was nice to see all of the other smiling faces.  It just creates a good energy.  After 4 miles of running bliss and 36 minutes later, I decided to stop and do my drills and stretches so I could head out of there and go train my afternoon client.


It was so warm that I actually got to take my running jacket off and unzip my shirt a little (don’t worry, it’s only 3/4 zip, and I was not flashing). 🙂

ec 014


When I got home I was starving, so I made a Green Monster of course, and it was delicious!

ec 018

In the Mix:

  • Spinach
  • 5 pieces of frozen mango
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • 3 tsp of Psyllium Husks
  • 1 scoop of EAS whey protein powder
  • 1/2 cup of non fat organic yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of water


A little while later I headed out the door to go train my afternoon client that I usually train on Saturdays, and then went to get my hair cut!  This was a monumentious event for me people!  I usually go every 6 months or so to get my hair trimmed, and due to the failing ecomony and lack of funds in the HopefulRunner household, it has been 10 months since my last hair cut!  

I was so excited to go get it cleaned up a bit.  I have been seeing the same stylist for 5 years now and I knew she wouldn’t do me wrong!


My hair style didn’t really change much, except for the fact that I told her not to give me bangs this time, but it’s just a lot shorter and there are more layers.  Love it!  🙂  

When I came home I was feeling really ambitious about being outside and enjoying the 70* weather and acting like I don’t have homework to do, so I made a quick salad which I ate outside…


and then decided to cut the grass.  Sorry, no pics of this one.  Let me just say that we have a push mower and a lot of crab grass in the front yard, so it was definitely workout #2 for the day that ended with a lot of four letter words and half of one side of the yard unfinished.

When hubby came home from work, I decided to stop mowing, run an errand and then come home and make him some burgers for dinner, as usual.  What can I say, he knows what he likes.

I snacked on some mixed nuts while trying to decide what to have for dinner.


While catching up on my blog reading for the day, I got inspired by Sarah’s post, and the butternut squash wedges that she had made for dinner.  So, I decided to go to the store and get a butternut squash and make my own.  I had never made them before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they are really good!  I will need to use more seasonings next time since all I did was put a little EVOO and cinnamon on them, but seriously, yum!  I had a hard time not eating the whole damn thing myself.

I knew I couldn’t just have butternut squash fries for dinner, so I had some grilled chicken breast with it so that I could get my protein in.


I may, or may have not eaten the whole squash by myself, and I may or may not have a bit of a tummy ache.  But just in case I did, let me justify it by saying that I was really hungry, and it was a really small squash.  

Alright, I need to stretch and get ready for the start of the 2nd half of my week tomorrow….the start of my work weekend at Trader Joe’s and the next three days of barely any sleep and catching up on all of the homework I put off this week.  Oops….hehe

Have a beautiful evening!


Oh, and question of the day!  Where’s your favorite place to go run and why do you love it so much? 




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