I have a running coach, and he handed my ass to me today!

14 05 2009

Hey guys!  Sorry that it’s been so long since I have posted….I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  Things with me have been going really well, I’ve just been super duper busy.  I finally got done with my big projects that I had been working on for both of my classes and I can actually sit back and breathe for a few days.  

So yeah, as I had mentioned in previous posts, I am running again!  I am actually living up to the name HopefulRunner, and not HopefulBoredOutOfMyMindOnTheEliptical, haha!  And, I can do part of what I had originally planned with this blog….talk about my journey to become a better runner, and share my yummy eats, of course!  

So, since I am a trainer, and have worked at another gym and with other trainers that are in my area, I know and am friends with most of them that work at my gym (where I work out, not where I work).  Well, I met this trainer that is new to the gym who happens to be a cross country coach and has been running for 11 years, I’ll call him D.  One of my friends introduced us because I was looking for advice on my running and my knee injuries and apparently D was the guy to talk to.  I told him that I had been starting my half marathon training but had to stop because of my injury and am now slowly but surely getting back into my running.  He offered to take me under his wing and coach me for my half marathon….for free!!!  How frieken lucky am I!?!?   I told him that I didn’t feel right letting him coach me and not paying him for it, but that I’m not in the position to hire him.  Being a trainer myself, I understand how his time is worth money and I didn’t want to take advantage of that.  Well, he told me that it’s not very often that he meets someone that is as passionate about the sport as I am, and it was his pleasure to help me.  Since my expertise is in nutrition, and his is in running, he told me that he might ask me for nutrition advice every now and then.  Sounds like a great deal to me!!

So, was watching my form one day when I was running on the TM at the gym and told me that he could see by the way that I was running, exactly how my knee injury occured.  Basically, my form sucks (not that I knew any better, because I didn’t have any proper training when I started out), and to start, he is working on helping me correct it.  So, he has me on a plan of running MWF, and I have to do dynamic stretching drills to loosen up my hips, hamstrings, and calves…which are super duper tight.  These drills are completely new to me and since I have two left feet, they are pretty awkward, but I think I’ll get the hang of it.  What’s hard about this training plan that he has me on, is that on Mondays and Fridays I can only run for 30 minutes and the runs have to be easy, then I come home and do my drills.  I am used to just pushing as hard as I can and paying attention to mileage, not time.  But, pushing too hard is what got me here in the first place right?  So, I’m taking his advice and doing what he says.                                                                                        So, on Wednesdays we are going to do a training run together at this track near his house, and today was our first run together.  Oh my god…he kicked my ass this morning, and I loved it!  This was like no other training run that I have done, obviously because I have never been professionally coached.  We started off with some drills and then went right into 1/8 mile intervals on the track.  We would run one interval as fast as I could (since I can not run as fast as he can, by any means), and then rest.  The total time for both was 1 minute.  So, if it took me 45 seconds to run the interval, then I would have 15 seconds to rest before I had to do it again…..if it took me 55 seconds, then I would have 5 seconds to rest, and so on.  We did that 10 times.  WHOLY CRAP!  I felt so out of shape, and sooooo slowwwwwwww.    

After the 10 intervals, we went for a slow jog around the track a few times and I was thinking….sweet, we’re done, I was pretty tired at that point and was welcoming that idea.  Yeah, not so much!  We did another 10 intervals, but this time D told me that I had to “turn myself inside out” trying to keep up with him.  I had to run as fast as humanly possible, and boy was that tough.  I was so tired and my lungs were hating me.  Every time around, I pushed so hard I thought I was going to puke!  So, all in all, it was A FRIEKEN AWESOME RUN!!  

On my days off from running I have to ride the bikes in the spin room at the gym, and can lift if I want (which I will, obvi!), and I wasn’t really happy with the idea of sitting in the spin room for 3o minutes.  But, my quads are already sore, and i’m pretty sure I’ll be a hurting unit tomorrow, so I’m sure the bike will feel good.  

So, I am going to sign up for my half marathon next month, and on August 1st, I’m running the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon!  

I am so excited!  Unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive to run this race, so I am currently looking for sponsors.  By the time the race comes around I will need a new pair of shoes, and some new gear, and am not sure if I will have the funds for all of this.  I am looking for ways to get sponsorship, so if anyone has any ideas…or would like to donate to the Dayna Is Running Her First Half Marathon Fund, let me know.  🙂

Okay, so there’s my news that I have been waiting to share with you guys!  I’ll be updating as much as I can on the progress of my runs, and of course…my eats.  I have pics of the last week of food, and will hopefully be able to get a post up tomorrow to share all of the yummy things that I have cooked!

Have a great evening guys!  I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.






2 responses

14 05 2009

So jealous! I am excited to see how working with this coach will help you improve. And FREE is a very good price!

15 05 2009

hey, im sarah (yeah, very common name)

i’ve been reading your blog recently. its quite interesting. its kinda cool that you’re a trainer and nutritionist and all.
first let me introduce myself. i’m 16 from Malaysia (above singapore). I’m a cross country runner, more on the 6K to 10K runs, and track.
so anyway, congrats on finding a running coach! i just got one too actually. i’ve represented state and stuff so a coach offered to train me for some kind of national competition in my country for free. and yeah, the drills are something like yours. and like you, im very used to road running and mileage so running intervals with speed is a huge change. but it feels good. sometimes when i do it i feel like the rest interval is more tiring than running. dont u think? lol

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