For My Dear Friend Angie….

27 04 2009

My friend Angie passed away yesterday, and she was taken from us too soon.  I worked with her at TJ’s, and in that store, it’s like loosing a member of our family. We are all mourning the loss of Angie, and not quite sure what to do or think at this point.  I received the news last night from a friend of mine and have been thinking non stop about Angie, what she meant to me, and the impact that she had on my life.  So, this post is dedicated to her….


My beautiful Angie…you were a sweet ray of sunshine some days, yet questioning your path and where you were going on others.  You would always come to me with questions about life and looking for advice on things that were troubling you.  You told me that you saw me like a big sister because I would always tell you how it was, whether it was warm and fuzzy or strait and to the point.  I loved that you appreciated my honesty, respected my opinions and advice, but also always took it with a grain of salt.  


Your heart was so big and you had so much love to give, always worrying about others and how they were feeling.  Sometimes you would make yourself sick with worry when something wasn’t going right or someone was upset.  You just wanted so much to make everyone happy that sometimes you sacrificed your own happiness.  I wished sometimes that you wouldn’t do that and would always say, “Angie, don’t forget that you need to put yourself first because you are #1, then worry about everyone else…you’re worth it.”  You would look down at your feet and say, “I know, I know…” Angie, I hoped that you believed me, because I knew it was true.   


At times you seemed so troubled and I wanted to make it better for you but wasn’t sure how, so we would just hide in the back room behind the lockers and talk about life experiences, you would tell me yours and I would tell you mine.  I would lend advice if you needed it, or we would just give each other a hug and go back to work.  I would come in on my days off to get groceries, and come talk to you to see how you were doing.  Even though some days it didn’t seem like I cared because I was going through my own stuff, I wanted you to know that I did care and was there for you whenever you needed me.  Angie, I hope you knew…..


I enjoyed the nights out at the bar after work, even though it was so damn late, and I would say that I’m too old for that shit.  hehe (our own inside joke).  We had fun drinking beers, throwing darts and hanging with the crew.  Even though there was that one time that you did that one thing that shocked us all so much, and everyone got so quiet that you could hear a mouse fart in the corner (those of you who were there, you know what I’m talking about).  We all laughed it off and drank another beer….thanks Casey!  I really enjoyed getting to know you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t come out more.  I wonder if you think that I didn’t come out because of you, or something that you did, and that wasn’t it….I promise.  And Angie, I’m sorry for getting frustrated with you when you would freak out about being on cleaning and ask me every 10 minutes if I could change the garbage or sweep the mats.  I always planned on helping you out and just wished that you would trust that I would get it done for you.  I’m sorry for getting irritated with you sometimes because you would get frustrated about having to be on register too long or not being on enough, I know you were going through other shit and, instead of getting frustrated I should have thought about that first.  I’m sorry if I sometimes thought you were too dramatic and told you to tone it down a bit, but you knew that’s how I am, and would accept the fact that I would say it to you sometimes.  You accepted me for who I am, someone who doesn’t always think before she speaks.  I would apologize for my blunt words, and give you a hug and we would go back to work with smiles on our faces.  But, I know that if we were talking right now, you would understand, and accept my appologies without question.  Because that’s the kind of person you were Angie.  Understanding with no questions asked.  Just wanting to be happy and have all those around you happy too.  


Angie, you were and are a beautiful soul, and a beautiful person who was taken from us far too soon.  I don’t understand why it had to happen the way it did, or when it did, but that’s the way it happens sometimes.  You have made a huge impact on a lot of lives and I don’t even think you knew.  Well I am telling you now.  You will be missed but always in my thoughts.  I accept that you are gone and instead of being sad and full of tears, I am going to celebrate your life.  If there are tears, they will be tears with a smile because you were a wonderful and beautiful person who made me laugh and smile, and I choose to remember the happy times.

Thank you for the times that we shared Angie, I will miss you smiling face, and your infectious laugh.  


RIP Angela Heiser 4/25/2009




5 responses

27 04 2009
Debra Pa

Very well said Dana! Angie was truly a gentle soul, who always seemed to put herself last. When she loved something or someone, she did it completely, no questions asked. She was always smiling, helpful, and respectful when dealing with customers, and always had a hug for me. I knew her only from work, but she made the days brighter. I always told her to put herself first and the rest will just work out. She was just a giver, plain and simple. She deserved so much, I hope that our work family and atmosphere left her with a feeling that she was loved and appreciated for just being herself. I will miss her!

27 04 2009

Wow Dayna that was wonderful, it took me awhile to read, because I was crying. Angie will be missed. It is going to be weird not having her around. I’m sure she is in a wonderful place now, surrounded by light and Love!

27 04 2009
Jen Carlson

I appreciate your tribute to our sweet Angie, it was beautiful, just like her. Thank you for being a friend and for sharing that friendship with us. She has been a wonderful daughter, sister and very dear auntie, we miss her terribly. I will strive to be a better person because of her, live without judgement and with an open heart. Angie, we love you!
Jen, her sister-in-law

27 04 2009

I am glad that you read this, it was truly from my heart. Today has been the day that it has hit me the most, and I miss Angie terribly. I was hoping someone from Angie’s family would read this and know how much she meant to me, and to us. This is my little tribute to her…I wish I could do more.

28 04 2009
Wendy Heiser

Thank you for writing about our beautiful daughter, Angie. I am writing through tears as I type. I want you to know how much of a comfort your words are. I really didn’t know too much about her life at Trader Joes, but I know that she loved it because of the people that surounded her there. She seemed to have found her niche. Angie has always been looking for something that we couldn’t give her and somehow she was finding that with her new TJ’s family. We loved her beyond words and will miss her forever.
Thanks to all of you for your kind and loving support.
Scott and Wendy

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