Workout of the Day and Some Awesome News!

24 04 2009

Hey everybody, happy Friday!  I’m killing some time here on campus before I have to head to work and thought I would post my workout from this morning just in case I am too tired when I get off work tonight and can’t get to it.  I woke up feeling refreshed this morning, which is a rare occurance for me.  I was sitting this morning enjoying my coffee and trying to plan my workout before I got to the gym so that I didn’t walk around there looking confused and wasting time.  I decided that since I didn’t really get in a good tricep workout on Monday when I did chest and triceps, that I would do triceps and abs today.  The one thing that I am really not happy about with my arms are my triceps.  No matter how hard I try, it seems like I can’t get rid of that behind the arm squish…does anybody else have that problem!?  It drives me crazy!  So, I decided to really work them out this morning and it felt great!!! My abs feel good too, I can really tell that I am getting a lot leaner from these past few weeks of lifting.  I know that I will be really strong when I start running again.

So, here’s the workout! Three rounds of the following circuits (as usual)

*Overhead Tricep Extention (with rope) 50lbs 15 reps

*Leg Lifts on the Roman Chair (feel the burn baby!) 15 reps

*Assisted Dips 15 reps


*Cable Tricep Press Downs 50lbs 15 reps

*Leg and Hip Raises with a Twist on Weight Bench 15 reps

*Close Grip Bench Press 45lbs (bar only) 15 reps


30 envigorating minutes on the elliptical while practicing my presentation that I have to give on Monday….Uggggg, so nervous!!

Wholy Crap My Arms Are Sore!!

Okay, well I was going to tell you guys my good news, but I am in the lab room in the science building and someone is hovering waiting to use the computer, so I will be back tonight with my news.  I’m so excited to share!  Plus, I need to go eat some lunch before I head to work.  Oh, and I actually took pics of all of the eats I put together this morning so I will have that for you tonight too! 

Okay…I’m off to work my butt of at TJ’s for the next 8 hours (I would rather take a nap to be honest).  I think I’ll stop for an americano on the way though…I am really in need of a caffiene boost.

Catch up with you guys tonight!  Have a beautiful Friday!!!






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