Workout of the Day (that I barely remember) and My Greenest Monster Yet!

21 04 2009

Happy Monday bloggies, mine didn’t start out so happy, but it has ended pretty good because it was beeeeeautiful out today!  The temps got up to about 75* I think, and it was so great!  Let me go back to where it all started though…this morning.

As I have said before, Monday mornings are always super tough for me.  I work weird hours on the weekend, and that totally messes with my Circadian Rhythm (my sleep cycle).  So, when I woke up this morning at 6am to go to the gym, I was super groggy and a little very grumpy (I know, it’s hard to believe, but I can get that way, hehe).  But, I made some coffee, ate my tbsp of almond butter, and got my grumpy, tired butt out the door for my morning workout.  I really don’t remember much of it.  You know how you can be so groggy in the morning, you just go with the motions and somehow get to the end of what you were doing, wondering……huh, I don’t remember any of what I just did.  Yeah, that was me this morning.  

But, I do remember the exercises that I did this morning, and I know that it was a good workout because my arms are already starting to get sore!  Woohoo!

Monday’s Workout of the Day!

I decided to think outside the box today (I know, I know…big deal for me), and do chest and triceps in stead of back and biceps like I usually do on Mondays.  I am trying to not be such a creature of habit. I did 3 rounds of the following circuits:

Bench Press (10lbs on each side + 45lb bar) 65lbs 15 reps

Flat Bar Tricep Press Down 50lbs 15 reps

Dumb Bell Flye’s 12.5lbs 15 reps


Single Arm Tricep Extension 10lbs 15 reps

Decline Dumb Bell Press 22.5lbs 15 reps 

Bar Bell Skull Crushers 30lbs 15 reps

Holy Cow That Workout Kicked My Ass!!!  It’s been a long time since I have had a workout where my arms were completely taxed at the end, I’m talking shaking and in complete spaghetti noodle status.  It was awesome!!! I’ve really been trying to build strength in my triceps and get rid of that under the arm wiggle thing (it seems like no matter how lean and toned I am, I still have that damn wiggle!), so I felt quite accomplished after this morning’s workout.

Oh, and I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of post workout foam rolling and stretching.

When I got home from the gym I made my Green Monster, and I was still really tired and completely forgot to take a picture of it!  Frieken Mondays!  It was really good though, and kept me full for about two hours.  I put in the usual ingredients:

*two big hands full of spinach

*1 scoop of protein powder

*1/2 grapefruit

*1/2 cup of nonfat plain yogurt

*1 banana (can’t seem to get enough of these lately)

*5 strawberries

For snack at school I had:


(This is a totally generic picture that I stole from Google, but like I said, I was out of it and forgot to take pics)

A S’Mores Luna Bar and an un-pictured Pink Lady Apple.

After school, I took my poor little smashed up car to the body shop to get fixed…finally!!!  I will be without her for (gasp!) two weeks!  But, thanks to my awesome friend Tami, I get to drive this baby free of charge for the next few weeks while my car is being fixed!  Tami really came to my rescue because after the accident, I discovered that we don’t have rental insurance and I would have had to get real creative with my transportation situation.


She let me borrow her 1998 (I think) Ford F-150.  The thing is a beast, but I think I’m getting used to driving it.

When I got home from the body shop, it was time for some studying, so I grabbed my books and headed outside on my back deck to do some studying.  I sat down in our little fold up metal camping chair, put my feet up on the picnic bench seat and got to studying.  The sun was in my face, I could hear the birds chirping and all of the people doing their yard work (when the sun comes out in the Pacific Northwest, EVERYONE does their yard work on the one sunny day that we have, because who knows when we will get another one).  Well, I laid my head back on the metal framed chair for just a minute to relax, and the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was an hour later.  Woah!  I fell asleep out there, that has never happened, I must have been really tired!  It felt great though.  I studied for about a half hour more and got a grumblin in my tummy so I came inside to make some lunch.

When it’s hot out I don’t want to cook and I usually am only in the mood for fruits and veggies, so what was a girl to do?

Make another Green Monster of course!  Since it’s grocery day, there were slim pickins in the fridge, so I had to get creative.  This was by far the best tasting and greenest monster that I have ever made!  Not to mention it was really satisfying.



In the mix:

*two big hands full of spinach

*the other half of my grapefruit

*another banana (told you I can’t get enough)

*1/3 cup of yogurt (all I had left in the conainer)

*1 Trader Joe’s Carribean Fruit Floe Bar (it’s basically a frozen fruit bar with nothing else added, told you I got creative)

*a packet of stevia



I felt so good and energized after my smoothie, I decided to do Level 1 of the Shred.  Yeah, I know I said that I was sore after my workout, but I really had a lot of energy and since I can’t run I had to do something.  It was great and really kicked my butt this time!  I am convinced that if all I did in a day for my workout was the shred, then it wouldn’t be as good of a workout, but as a supliment to the stuff I do in the morning, it is just fine for me.  🙂

After my workout I headed out to Trader Joe’s and the “regular” grocery store to do our weekly shopping.

I was really happy to see when I got to the grocery store that “lunch box sized” apples, oranges, and kiwi’s were on sale for 10 cents a piece!!!!!  So, you better believe that I loaded up on those babies!


I got 10 little apples, 10 kiwi’s, and 10 little oranges.  I am dreaming of the yummy smoothies in my future!

Alright, it’s off to bed for me.  Have a great night and I will be back tomorrow with more pics and the workout of the day!

Oh!  I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow and I am hoping that they can figure out what’s going on with my knee, so I can hopefully start running again soon.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an update!  

Question of the Day:

Have any of you had to see a physical therapist?  Why, and how was your experience? (I’m just hoping that mine will be a good one)

See you tomorrow!  🙂





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