Happy Friday! Here’s the Workout of the Day

17 04 2009

Hey guys…I don’t have a lot of time before I have to head out for work at Trader Joe’s this, but I at least wanted to post my work out from this morning as promised.  

The workout this morning was rough.  I am always super tired on Friday mornings from intense workouts, studying and training all week long.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I got there, my knee was feeling good so I didn’t want to do anything that would aggrivate it.  So, I decided to do circuits of Back, Chest, and Triceps.

Here’s The Workout!

Three circuits of each…

Seated Row 80lbs 15 reps

Barbell Skull Crushers 30lbs 15 reps

Pushups (man-style) 15 reps


Bent Over Row w/ dumb bells 25lb 15 reps

Dips on Weight Bench 15 reps

Barbell Bench Press 20lbs (actually, if you count the weight of the bar too, it was 65 lbs, but who’s counting) 15 reps


As usual, 30 minutes of sweating it out on the elliptical set on the glute-burn setting  

15 minutes of nice stretching

Boy was I happy to be done with that workout, and so happy to not have any knee pain this morning (how many more times can I say this)!!!!.  

I didn’t have school today, so I came home and took a shower, made a bowl of oats for breakfast, got back in my sweats and studied for a few hours.

Now, it’s off to work!  I will hopefully have some time to post my food pics for today….I actually too pictures this morning, can you believe it!?

Have a great afternoon guys, I’ll catch up with you later tonight!!  🙂 

Oh!  I forgot to add this earlier, but go check out the great Stonyfield Farms Earth Day giveaway going on over at Hangry Pants, and Healthy Tipping Point!  This is a really generous giveaway, and there are a lot of cool things to be had! 




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