OMG, It’s Been Way Too Long!!

16 04 2009

Okay, let me just start by saying that I have been sooooo incredibly busy these past few weeks!  I can’t believe that I have been so busy that I haven’t even been taking pictures of my food to post.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get to get to posting every night but I didn’t think that I would forget to take pics even.  Like I said in my last post, my hubby’s business is really starting to pick up, which means more book keeping work for me, which has kept me busy.  I have also been trying to expand my personal training business (which is going pretty well), on top of my part time job on the weekends at Trader Joe’s, school and all of the damn homework that comes along with it, and then getting my workouts in before I head to school in the mornings.  Pfew!  Let me give you an idea of what my day looks like:

  • Wake up at 6am, drink a cup of coffee, eat a tablespoon of almond butter, and head to the gym by 6:30
  • Work out, stretch, and head home by 8:15
  • Get ready for school, do any busy work that needs to be done ie: stuff for the business, homework, bills, etc
  • Leave for school at 10:00 am, public speaking at 10:30, nutrition at 11:30, done by 1:30
  • Come home, make lunch or numerous snacks and work on homework till about 4:30
  • Get ready to go train clients and head out at about 5:00 to train
  • Home by 7:30, sometimes 8:00pm, make dinner for me and the hubby, do more homework
  • Think about blogging, but I am way too tired so I read blogs and catch up on emails instead
  • Watch the idiot box (tv) for about an hour and then head to bed by 10:00
  • Wake up the next day and do it all over……

This is what almost ever week day for the past two weeks has been like…..I am not complaining but shit, I have been so busy!  My eats lately have been great, and super healthy…I am really proud of myself.  I am addicted to Green Monster’s and have one every morning.  I really look forward to them actually, they make me happy.  🙂

An update on the knee situation….

Well, I think (and I am not holding my breath here), that it is finally starting to get better.  I have been very strict about stretching for at least 10 minutes every morning after my workout and at night before bed, as well as icing and taking my NSAID’s.  This morning I woke up and noticed that it was the first day since the injury surfaced that I didn’t feel any pain!!!  This didn’t mean that I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill or did a bunch of box jumps and lunges like I wanted to.  I still took it real easy like I have been and iced as usual (I’m actually icing right now).  I was very mindful of how my knee felt all throughout my workout and only noticed the pain coming on a few times, and it was very light.  So, I am hoping that this is a sign that I am getting better.  

My Workouts:

My morning workout routine has been going really well for me, and I am really seeing some definition in my muscles that I haven’t seen in a while (well, in my upper body anyways).  It’s not that I didn’t lift when I was running, but I certainly didn’t have the time or energy to lift 40 minutes a day 5 days a week like I do now.  I have to say, that although I am still pretty bumbed that I can’t run, this has been a nice wake up call for me, and I have enjoyed getting back into lifing again.  My cardio on the elliptical isn’t as dreadful for me as it was since I am just getting used to the fact that I can’t run right now.  Plus, I study every morning when I am on it, so I just keep checking my heart rate to make sure that I am in the fat burning zone, and study away.  

I am going to get a little notebook and start journaling my workouts so that I can track my progress.  Since I am half awake when I get to the gym, it really helps for me to have my workout planned and written out the night before.  I have been doing this on little note cards but they are hard to keep track of.  Starting next week, I am going to at least post my workout for the day so that you guys can check it out and either do the same workout or get some ideas from it.  If you have any questions about my workouts, or want some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  I am always here to help! 🙂

Well, time to do some dishes and get ready for bed.  Sorry I have been absent lately, but I hope all of you out there are doing great!  I will post tomorrow’s meals and workout if I can find the time to escape from my homework and other duties for a bit!

Have A Beautiful Evening Bloggies!!   🙂  🙂





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