What A Workout!!!

27 03 2009

Okay, I am so tired and whooped from the class that I just took at the gym….I can barely type!

I worked until about 12:15am last night and went right to bed when I got home because I knew that I wanted to be up early enough to do the Super Cross: Cycle/Sculpt Class at the gym.

Wholy crap guys!  I completely got my ass handed to me this morning and it was frieken awesome!!!  I haven’t taken a spin class in over a year and since (before my injury) I usually run or do the elliptical, I knew that spin was going to be a good challenge for me.  Boy was it ever!  The spin portion of the class lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes and it was really intense.  We did a lot of different drills on the bike inculding push-ups and tricep presses on the handle bars.  Then after the spin portion was over, we went into the other studio and did about 20 minutes of floor exercises…pushups, chest press, tricep extentions on a stability ball….ball raises….crunches….and then finally some stretching.  Seriously, I was so whooped after the spin that I wanted to duck out and skip the strength training portion but I knew that if all of the other ladies there could do it…so could I!!!  

I am so glad that I did!  I haven’t had such a good workout since I stopped running and my body is completely dead!  Too bad I have to work again till midnight tonight….that should be interesting.

I managed to keep my heart rate up the whole time…between 145 and 165 which is about right for me.

When I got home I was STARVIN MARVIN!!!  Here are the eats for today so far…

Pre-Workout Breakfast

I knew that I would need fuel….protein and carbs for sure, so I had 1 cup of steel cut oats and 1/3 cup of egg whites mixed together…this is my favorite breakfast right now!


Oh, and I had a big cup of coffee too with one packet of Stevia sweetener.  Thank goodness this held me through my hour and 45 minute class because I sure needed it.  But believe me…I was sooooooooooo hungry when I got home and all I could think about was a big salad and a cup of tea!


My salad was the same as yesterday but much more delicious since I was so hungry and worked out so hard!  I love how after a really hard workout all I crave are healthy foods like veggies protein and fruits!!


Mmmmmmm, yummyness!!!

In the salad:

Mixed greens, carrots, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, grilled chicken, raspberry vinagrette dressing, and crushed up Everything Pretzel Thins from Trader Joes…such a great addition to the salad!!!

I also had a yummy and warm cup of Yerba Mate tea which totally hit the spot!!

Alright guys…I need to get my sweaty butt into the shower and then take care of some business arount the house.  I’m hoping to start building up my personal training business and have a full clientele by this summer so I am going to be busy making phone calls today before work.  I also have a bunch of book keeping stuff to do for hubby’s business too…lots of stuff to do!

I’ll catch up with you guys later for the rest of today’s eats!

🙂 🙂




One response

30 03 2009

Your class sounds fantastic!! That is my favorite brand of Yerba Matte tea!! I haven’t tried mixing egg whites into my oats yet. Maybe I’ll get brave soon!

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