21 03 2009

So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go to my chiropractor to have him check out my knee yesterday.  My trip to the primary care doctor 3 weeks ago was less than successful or helpful for that matter.  Going to see Dr. Brian (my chiro) was something that I should have done in the first place because he knew exactly what was wrong and was able to tell me what to to do to fix it.  Basically I have a strained MCL in my left leg/knee and I have to do some rehab exercises 3 times a day and ice 10 min off 10 min on 3 times a day.  He told me that I should be able to run soon and if I am feeling up to it, I can do a walk/run program.  Run for two minutes, walk for two minutes….it seems like a tease to me, but whatever.  I will do what ever I can at this point to heal and be able to at least run a little.

Seriously…not being able to run and not feeling healthy has turned me into a raging bitch real grump!  My endurance is almost gone, I feel like am gaining weight because I am not getting that extra hard calorie burning cardio every day, my once beautiful runners legs are turning to j-e-l-l-o, and the worst part….the one thing that I have that works as a total stress relief is my running, and I can’t do it!  I am so frustrated and discouraged!  Oh, and my poor husband…I love you Timmy, I am so sorry that I am such a grump.  I have no outlet for my stress right now and it is festering, and you are in the line of fire.  I am so sorry for that, I don’t wish it on anyone!  

As you guys can see from my posts, I still work out of course.  Every day I go to the gym, do my strength training and my cardio and walk out of the gym feeling like I barely did anything.  I can notice that I am gaining a little more muscle tone, which is good because that will speed up my metabolism, but NOTHING COMPARES TO THE FEELING I GET WHEN I RUN!  I did my exercises that my chiro gave me this morning and headed to the gym.  When I got there I had planned on doing some plyometrics that are fairly easy on my legs….but I moved the wrong way and that “send me to the floor” pain in my knee came back and that was pretty much it.  I was feeling really exhausted when I got there this morning because I had a really long night at work last night, and that was just the last straw for me.  I just said, fuck this shit this sucks, I’m not feeling it…I am outta here, and I came home.  I am not one of those people that can get a good workout when I am pissed, it actually makes it worse.  

So, here I am….sitting here with my leg up, icing the knee….10 min on/10 min off like Dr. Brian said.  Meh….Okay left knee, I am making a plea to you right now, please get better so I can run again!  I beg you!! 

I have to find something that can make up for running in the mean time, obviously I have learned over the past few weeks that I can’t eat like I did when I ran…hence the squishy inner thighs and the jiggly belly, which I DID NOT HAVE BEFORE!  Uggggg, it has to get better right!?

I’ll start over on Monday…go to work today, take tomorrow off from the gym and start fresh with a new plan.  Exhaustion + Frustration does not = a good workout.

Okay, I am done ranting and raving now.  To you guys who read this, thanks for reading my rant and if any of you out there understand what I am going through, I would love for you to share your comments and stories with me.  

Have you been through this situation before?  What did you do to supplement your running?  How did you make it through with out self destructing?

Have a great rest of your weekend guys!  I’m off to work! 🙂




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22 03 2009

Aw, I’m sorry. I can tell how frustrated you are. I can’t imagine not being able to run and I totally know what you mean about not feeling like you’re getting a good workout in. I feel that way too when I do something other than running. You’ll be back out there soon enough. Hang in there.

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