I have to say that today was a great day!

19 03 2009

Well, the day is coming to an end, and at 9:30pm I am sooooooooo ready for bed, so this is gonna be a quick post.  I really just sat around all afternoon today.  I had some errands to run and things that I wanted to get accomplished since I knew that I didn’t have any homework to do, but I opted to take a mental health day and just sit on my ass…..and it was great!  I did have some stuff that I needed to do for my husbands business as well as a few things around the house, but they didn’t really require much effort and I was still able to lay around like a vegetable!  I don’t do it that often so I figured I was waaaaaay overdue.  

I did manage to take pictures of my snacks and dinner though…

This afternoon I decided to take a break from doing bookkeeping stuff for my husbands business and have this tasty little snack:


1/3 cup of canned chicken (yeah, I know, it sounds gross but actually tastes great and is great for wraps too!) and some raw broccoli and carrots!  Mmmmmmm.  Remember how I said earlier that I have been craving protein like crazy lately and seem to not be able to get enough of it into my diet?  Well I managed to eat 120 grams (give or take) of protein today and feel much better now.  It must be all of the lifting I have been doing since I can’t run.  Jenna (http://eatliverun.com/), I totally agree with you about how you are more hungry the harder you work out…I have totally been feeling that lately.  Oh wow…I digress…I totally went off on a protein tangent!  haha


Anyways, a few hours later (I typically eat every 2.5-3 hours), I decided to have this little beauty..


Hahaha, I just noticed that my bites kinda look like a heart…told ya I was tired, maybe even delerious!  I love, love, love apples!  I was temped to have it with some almond butter, but decided to just have it all alone.


I had a client this evening and knew that I needed a snack before I headed out so I decided to grill up some chicken on our George Forman Grill, that way I would have some for dinner too.  I don’t think I could live without my Foreman Grill.  I cook everything on it, and it drains out all of the fat and nastys that come off of whatever you are cooking, so it is a lot healther!  The fat and nastys  mainly pertain to the hamburgers that I make for my hubby…..beef….bleh!

Here’s the finished product with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on it before I cooked them…



Here’s the little bit that I ate before I headed out to train my client.  I thought about putting it on a plate, but I was so hungry and the chicken tasted so good, I just weighed out my 2 oz. and ate it right there….why dirty a dish if you don’t need to right?


The session with my client was successful and a lot of fun as usual…I kicked his butt and he thanked me for it!  I love my job!! When I got home, I was starving and already thinking about the awesome grilled chicken and veggies that I had waiting for me, so I heated it up and had a scrumptious dinner!


In the bowl: mixed stir fry veggies with brussels sprouts and asparagus added and drizzled with a little bit of soy sauce, and my chicken of course. Oh, and I had a scrumptious glass of  Trader Joe’s Captains Catch wine.  I love wine, but have decided to give it up for a while in order to shed some of these lbs I have put on over the past month, so I decided to finish up the last glass that I had in the bottle and call it good…..and good it was!!

Here’s hubby’s dinner…he actually cooked this himself.  The pancake is a leftover from what he made yesterday and in the mug that I got him from the Starbucks in Bejing (I spent a month in China last summer), was some hot chocolate.


Alright kiddos, I’m off to bed.  I’m pooped and want to get up early so I can get a workout in before work.  

Have a nice night everybody!!





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23 03 2009

I like it!

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