Ahhhhhh….All done for the quarter and it feels so nice!

18 03 2009

Well, I had my biology final this morning, and I think it went okay.  If anything..I did my best and that’s all I can do right?

It felt so good to walk out of that class room and know that I have the next week and a half of no school work, now I can just work my butt off to get my training business back up and running…I still train,  but boy do I need more clients.

Do any of you live in Tacoma and need a personal trainer?  Just shoot me an email!

Onto the eats and workout!

Breakfast this morning was a 1/2 cup of steel cut oats (of course…I am completely addicted to them!), 1/2 cup mixed berries, and 1/3 cup of microwaved egg whites.  Sorry guys…no pic of breakfast today.  I was a little anxious about my final and had my mind on other stuff this morning.  This breakfast was just under 200 calories and really filled me up!  I was really supprised.  When I got home from school I knew I needed to get in my pre-workout snack and I wasn’t even hungry for it.

Pre-Workout Snack this morning was a piece of oat bran bread, 1 tbsp of raw almond butter and a tbsp of this new apricot orange preserves that I bought yesterday, it tasted awesome with the almond butter.  The mixture of flavors really made my mouth happy!

wednesday-3-18-022(sorry for the fuzzy pictures..my husband made some adjustments on the camera last night and I’m not sure what he did)


I have come to love my raw almond butter so much that I look forward to it all morning….it’s like one of the biggest “food highlights” of the day.  In my opinion, this stuff is amazing!

Usually this fills me up and gives me the fuel that I need for my workout, or run….which ever I do, but it just didn’t do the trick for me this morning.  So I decided to have half of a banana on my way out the door, and it totally did the trick!


I wasn’t sure if I was going to do cardio today because I was just so whooped after my final, so I decided to just do some hard circuits and if I felt up to it, then I would hop on the eliptical for 30 minutes.

Here’s what I did:

4 rounds of:

15 reps of 45lb push-press (I used a bench press bar, they weight about 45lbs)

20 burpies

15 reps of 60lb seated row

15 reps of 25lb overhead tricep extention


15 kettle bell swings

30 mountain climbers

15 tricep dips

15 reps on each side of 25lb bent over rows


That workout really kicked my butt!  I was moving fast and working hard and kept my heart rate up the entire time.  It took me about 45 minutes and when I was done I decided to just call it a day and go home.  I was really looking forward to coming home and just relaxing for the rest of the afternoon until I go train my clients tonight.  


I have been having a problem lately with making sure that I am getting enough protein.  Sometimes I just forget and grab some fruit or veggies and don’t get in my protein.  So, when I got home from my workout I made sure to make my EAS Whey protein shake that I always have post-workout, and ate the other half of my banana with.  I have to remind myself that if I am lifting weights and trying to gain muscle and get my metabolism up, I need to get protein into my diet so that my muscles can repair and grow!  So, don’t forget your protein people…..expecially post workout!!!  It’s sooooo important for strong healthy muscles!  


wednesday-3-18-028Mmmmm, protein shake!  🙂


Ahhhhh, the feeling of not having to rush home to do homework!  I came home, took a shower, talked to the hubby and plopped my butt down on the couch with the tv tuned to my favorite channel…..Food Network!!!  It’s nice to just sit down and watch some tv and zone out every now and then.  Even though I never eat like this….and I think most of these foods would make me sick…..my favorite show on the Food Network right now has to be “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”!  I just love seeing all of the awesome things that these people cook!  

Okay, I have some stuff to take care of around the house……..can’t neglect my domestic duties!  

I’ll be back with my eats from lunch and dinner!

Byeeeeee  🙂




One response

19 03 2009

Triple D! 🙂 Love that show!
I love how guys think they know what they’re doing with technology and end up messing stuff up.
Your comment today made me feel so good. 🙂 THank you!

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