17 03 2009

Hey guys…for those of you that read my blog, sorry that I have been absent the past few days. Last week was a pretty stressful week for me. Had some family issues come up, a car accident last Monday, and was busy with homework and studying for finals!! What a week. I have my psychology final tomorrow night, (which I will admit…I am NOT ready for at all), and my biology final on Wednesday (again, not ready!). It has been a pretty stressful quarter for me, as hubby and I are trying to get his business off the ground and survive in this terrible economy, so it has just been so hard for me to focus like I usually do on my studies. I haven’t been eating anything special and have forgotten to take pictures, hence..nothing to report. I haven’t even really had the time or energy to work out!! Soooo not like me! The knee is still killing me and I am just hoping that it gets better soon, I know that once I start running again I will be able to get balance back into my life. I REALLY NEED SOME BALANCE! I am really thinking about taking up yoga too but am not really that comfortable with doing it at my gym. Do any of you have suggestions of a good at home yoga program for beginners?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Well, tomorrow I am going to study for my biology final with my dear friend Victoria and then hit Trader Joe’s for some groceries. Hopefully I will come up with some great food finds to share with you all tomorrow night, if I am not too busy studying for my final. I just love looking at all of your blogs and getting awesome food ideas! You guys really inspire me! Thank you!

Anyways…I am off to study some more and get ready to head to Starbucks for my study group.
I will hopefully be able to catch you all up on my good eats and activities tomorrow or Thursday!
Byeeee đŸ™‚




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