My Nature Walk! (sorta)

13 03 2009

Hey guys! I had a great day today! The school quarter is coming to an end and I have a few biology projects that I have to wrap up before my final on Wednesday. Since we are studying ecology this week, one project was to watch a video from a long list of assigned picks from my instructor, and then writing a little blurb on it. The other was to do a little “nature walk”/lab project and find different kinds of moss, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, and seeds. It was quite a project.

My friend Victoria and I decided to watch the video and collect our plant specimens on campus since our instructor told us right where we could go to find everything. It’s always more fun and productive to do these kinds of projects with a friend, which is why I am glad that we got to do this together instead of me getting stuck doing it by myself. Plus, when we get together the conversation is always good! 🙂

There’s Victoria with book and scotch tape in hand ready to search for leaves!

Man, it was such a beautiful day today!!! I walked out of class and my first instinct was to bag the projects and go put my running shoes on, but I resisted because dammit, I need to let this knee heal! Victoria distracted me and reminded me of all the reasons why I should not run so that I can heal. She said that she was going to be my “sponsor” and every time I have the urge to run I should talk to her instead and she will talk me out of it! Thanks Victoria! I needed that accountability
Look! Snow on the ground in March…even though it’s just a little patch this is not really a normal thing here, but BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!

Anyways, I digress..we first decided to watch our video, which was totally sad and depressing! But, on the up-side it was hosted by Jeff Corwin and Anderson Cooper who are both pretty easy on the eyes so it made our viewing experience much better! 🙂

The video is a series produced by CNN called “Planet in Peril” and I highly recommend that you guys check it out. As depressing as it may seem, it really opens up your eyes to what we are doing to our planet and what we need to do to restore our natural resources. Oh, and why I was thinking about all of that philosophical stuff and wondering what I could do to save our planet…I ate a Think Thin bar. Hehehe, it’s brain food!

After our required 55 minutes of video watching we headed upstairs in the library to get started on our project.

It was frustrating, and our instructor asks some pretty random things….hence the look on Victoria’s face!

When we were done in the library, we headed outside on our scavenger hunt!

There I am, taping my leaves to the paper. It was quite fun actually…to find the things that we have been learning about in class and be able to think about them biologically and not just see them as things hanging off of trees!

There I am again, with the sun in my eyes….kind of a goofy picture but I figured I should just get over it and post it!
We collected almost all of the stuff we needed and headed out of there because it was time for lunch!
When I got home I had my normal pre-workout snack and headed to the gym.

Workout for Today:
I felt great after our walk in the sun and had lots of energy so I hit the stationary bike on the hill climb mode for 30 minutes and it kicked my butt!! Not as much as running, but it was good enough for now.
For my weight training I did circuits, three sets of each:

24 lunges with 15 lb dumb bells in each hand
20 single leg pelvic raises on each leg (boy were my hamstrings screamin!)
15 60lb tricep pull overs

15 smith squats with 45lbs on each side
15 60lb dead lifts
15 dips

What a great workout! Needless to say when I was done I was starving and worn out, which is always a good feeling after a workout. I came home, showered got in my jammies and started studying for my finals.
Hubby came home from work after a long day around 7:00 and I made him two cheese burgers on our George Forman Grill with sweet potato fries drizzled with EVOO and sprinkled with cinnamon. Sorry that there are no food pics today…I was running around like crazy and completely forgot!

Pfew…it’s been a long day and I am ready for a hot cup of chamomile tea and a warm bed. Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all had a great day and have a better night!! 🙂




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13 03 2009
Becca A

Hang in there with holding off on running! It will be so worth it once its healed. I know its tough especially as more nice days come out!

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