An easy dinner tonight after a really long day at work

9 03 2009

Hey guys! Today was a long day at work! Daylight savings was a killer for me this year as I worked till 12am last night and had to be back at 9am this morning, even though I was so exhausted I felt somewhat delerious, it was still a good day in Trader Joe’s land. When I got home from work all I wanted to do was hit the couch and put my feet up, and catch up on all of the awesome blogs that I’ve been following. Oh, and if you want to check them out too just look to your right at the list that says Blogroll.

When I got home, Tim was out bidding a job so I decided to curl up on the couch with my two babies Spike and Molly and watch one of my guilty pleasures…”Real Housewives of NYC”. I have no idea why I like this show, but I just do and I can’t seem to change the channel when it’s on. It’s really good when I just can’t study anymore and I need to zone out. After about an hour or so I decided I was hungry and decided to make what I had picked up at the store on my way home. I was way too tired to make dinner and opted for a frozen Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza, which was good but not as good as one I could have made myself. I did remember that I had some roasted red peppers that I had picked up last week and decided to slice half of a pepper up and put it on the pizza to add some extra flavor. I guess oven baked pizzas are the price that I pay sometimes for being exhausted and too lazy to make dinner from scratch. At least it was Kashi…I am a huge fan of their foods and know that I am eating quality ingredients.

I also decided to have a glass of my new favorite wine. Trader Joe’s Captains Catch, mmmmmm so delicious!!

Here is the finished product after about 12 minutes of baking in the oven at 425 degrees. Yummy pizza!

Dinner was good, and the wine was even better! After I was done eating the hubbs came home and we hung out together and just watched tv and relaxed. I should have been working on my homework since next week is the last week before finals, but I just decided to rest my brain and hit it hard tomorrow!
A few hours after dinner I was a little hungry and had a bit of a sweet tooth, but since I can’t have any real sweet treats until after lent, and it’s kind of late I wanted to make sure that I had a snack that was low in calories and high in protein. Sorry guys but I totally spaced and forgot to take a pic, but I had some Trader Joe’s Organic Non Fat Plain Yogurt with a small spoon full of Organic Raspberry Preserves. What an awesome treat! It was just something I thought up real quick because I was hungry and I have a feeling that I will be eating it more often! It was the perfect late night snack!

Finally, to end my night with a smile I had a wonderfully warm and soothing cup of Chamomile Tea with a packet of Stevia while finishing up my last blog post for the day.

Alright guys, I am off to bed cause I am pooped!! I hope you are all enjoying the blog. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think about my meals and anything else that I am doing. I am also more than happy to answer any nutrition or exercise questions that you might have…so keep em coming!

I will leave you with a pic of my big boy taking a nap….he I will be where he is shortly (no, not on the couch sleeping, but in a deep comfortable sleep!)

Night all!!




4 responses

9 03 2009

Thanks so much for stopping by my site! Yours looks great! I am excited to read more! I love the Real Housewives too! I like the Orange County episodes better than NYC though! Have a great day!


10 03 2009

I just found your blog. I started running in 2007 too and it really changed my life as well. I look forward to catching up on your blog.

10 03 2009

Hey Denise, thanks for reading! How did you find my blog? I’m going to check yours out as well!
Have a great day!

10 03 2009
Becca A

Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m enjoying looking at yours as well.
Cats crack me up, mine is crazy, love the pose yours is in on the couch!

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