Happy Friday Everyone!

6 03 2009

This is my first post on the new blog, so please…leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I had my presentation on artificial sweeteners and their effects on the body and weight gain this morning in biology, and it went great! I was so nervous, by my group was great we were all really engaged in each others presentations. Since the presentations were from 10-15 min long our professor had us just get into groups of 6 people so that we could take our time and make it a little more intimate. It was less of a speech and more of an informative presentation. For my visual aid’s I used packets of artificial sweetener so I could explain their differences, a can of diet coke, a pack of s/f gum (as an example of the products that contain aspartame), and a box of stevia so that they would know that there are options other than man made sweeteners and sucrose (table sugar).

After presentations were over I decided to go home before work and start the second half of the presentation, which is a letter to the FDA about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners and how consumers should be better informed. But, before I got home I decided to stop at my favorite health foods store and treat myself to a little salad to pick me up before my 3-12am shift at work tonight.
My salad was yummy and just the pick me up I needed! I had originally wanted to get a Kombucha tea but they aren’t on sale anymore and I just couldn’t see myself paying $3.50 for a drink so I just stuck with the salad….which I think was a great idea!

So, I had already eaten about a quarter of the salad before I realized that I should take a picture so I can share the goodness that is an organic salad bar. So, on my salad I had mixed organic greens, broccoli, garbanzo beans, beets, peppers, tomatoes, dried cranberries, peas, cucumbers, one hard boiled egg, some of my own raspberry vinaigrette dressing, home made pita chips…and a little bit of curry chicken on the side. Sooooo good!!
All of those greens and yummy veggies sure filled me up and I am sure that I won’t need a snack until I get to work so I think I’ll probably have my new favorite protein bar that my friend Claire turned me on to. It’s called Think Thin and it’s awesome! No sugar and 20 grams of protein which is perfect to get me through at least 2.5 hours of fast pace work at Trader Joe’s.
I love all of these, so I haven’t yet picked my favorite flavor.
I’ll also take an apple, banana, and another salad with me to work for dinner and my snacks. I work a long shift and get pretty hungry. If I take snacks with me that will keep me from going back into the demo area and eating all of our sweet samples. I mean, I still have 30 days of lent left so I have to keep myself away from temptation right!
As far as workouts go, I am still not running. My knee has been feeling really good the past few days but I don’t want to push it so I just plan on more cross training and weights tomorrow and hope to get back to running on Monday. Just something slow and easy…I am looking so forward to it!!

Alright guys, time to get to my letter before I head off to work. Have a great Friday!!




4 responses

6 03 2009

Looks great! Thanks for sharing! Loves 🙂

6 03 2009

Great blog, Dayna. I really enjoy reading it. I’ve known about the harmful effects of artificial sweetners for many years. I’m really glad you are steering clear of them. Also, try out LaraBars sometime. They have no sugar, no gluten and no additives and are completed made from raw foods. They have some really yummy flavors. If you like them, you can buy them online at allstarhealth.com for a really good price by the case.

7 03 2009

Brazil nuts and chia seeds. I could almost live on them. Can’t quite give up the s/f red bull though. Kdm

7 03 2009

Yay! I Love the new design! I’m glad you’re liking wordpress too! Your header is so cool!!

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