Getting back on my feet….literally (1/27/09 am)

27 01 2009

Since winter quarter has started, my road miles (and sometimes treadmill, depending on the weather) have declined.  I also fell off the wagon, so to speak, and haven’t been eating that well either.  Even though I am only taking two classes, all of the work is kicking my butt and I am finding myself becoming increasingly more tired day after day, which is really sucking the motivation to work out and go running right out of me.  Wierd, that is so not like me.  I love to work out, and even more, I love to run.  But, during the past few weeks, I have gone out for my usual runs and just thought the whole time….”I hate this, I want to go home, this sucks!”.  Well, this week I am starting anew!  Better nutrition, back to my running, and even more important…I’m going to start lifting again.  My muscle tone is, well….non existant in my upper body.  Okay, yeah I know that’s not physically possible, but it is really not what it used to be.  So, I am trying to find new ways to prioritize my homework and my workouts so that I can get them both in and feel good and have energy again.  Eating better will help too…hopefully my energy levels will go back up.

Yesterday (Monday), I went for my long(ish) run.  It was really nice.  I found a route that I can run by the house so that I don’t have to actually drive somewhere to go running (which never really made sense to me).  We don’t live in the most “runner friendly” area so this is a pretty big deal.  Anyways, I did 7 miles and it was great!  It was about 35* out, the sky was clear, and I had a view of Mt. Rainier on the second half of my run heading back to the house.  Great way to start the week.  My nutrition was good yesterday too…well besides the handful of hot tamales I ate last night.  Oops. 
It snowed last night (WTF), and I am supposed to go to Pt. Defiance for a 5 mile hill run with Claire, so we’ll see if we still do that.  I don’t usually run with other people, I’m am a solo runner for the most part, but it should be fun.  I am kind of a cold weather wimp, I love running in the 30ish degree weather…it’s perfect for me, but anything colder and I am not really that comfortable.  If we don’t go run outside, then **gulp** I’ll go to the gym and run on the treadmill and lift some weights.  I hate the TM lately.  I know it’s a great training tool, and it’s what I started on, but shit….it is so boreing!  Oh well, I WILL get my workout in today and get my homework done!  I’m making my yummy chicken vegetable soup tonight for dinner too, will post a pic of that later.
This is a pic of me and Claire at our turkey trot last November. WooHoo!
Okay, enough of this blogging business, I gotta get to school.
Will report back later.



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